Tomorrow Is My Birthday… 

I thought I’d inform you of this catastrophe now because tomorrow, I plan to spend my day in quiet, pensive, contemplation, listening to heavy metal, and shooting up formaldehyde!  I’m hoping it will improve my posture.  Now don’t go getting all sentimental, and full of hogwash that I should tickle myself pink, and do cart-wheels over a day that means absolutely nothing to anyone!  Just send me a phat cashiers cheque, and be done with it :O)

Just Another Day


Let’s go over this…  Of corpse I’m going to be myself!  You were expecting maybe I’d morph into a Gnome, and fondle people?  I always invite new challenges: like writing this stupid, blog entry about something at this point, I’d rather not be reminded of, and would rather sneak away from, instead of watching prize Idiots pretend I’m some kind of big shot!  About the only triumph I can recall, is making it to the bathroom on time.  I trust my in-stinks alright: the result of abject poverty!  So my in-stinks say: ‘Hide!’  If I didn’t put faith in my abilities, I wouldn’t have any!  Now wood eye?  ‘Desire only the best’…  No I think it better I should desire projectile vomit, and a hangover!  My strengths are: Uh???  ‘You’ve got what it takes!’  How would I still have what ‘it’ took?  If I ever find ‘it’, I’m calling The Police!

I Don’t Need a Present!

birthday quotes and sayings 5

I need a future!  So please!  No cyber cake!  If I try to blow on virtual candles, my lungs will fall out!  A simple Rolls Royce with all the bells and whistles will do…  My ideal Birthday, wood bee to bee on my own: to frivolously go where the wind takes me: Wal-Mart!  There, I could max out my credit card… 50 cents…  With that, I could buy two whole shopping carts, and put them on display in The Smithsonian Institute!  Well, my 007 decoder ring never arrived because I had to spend my life savings on the postage stamps!  I have to leave my mark somehow.  Don’t I?

Life Goes On, Without Me…


Who knows how to grow old?  It’s as though people believe there’s some kind of technique involved to avoid getting hit by a bus or something!  You pretty much wrinkle up, dry out, blow away, and that’s all there is to it… Crust in the wind…  All we are is crust in the wind!  Believe me!  I wouldn’t plan something like this, let alone celebrate it!  And as for difficult chapters, just wait ’til you get to the credits!  Will you still need me?  Will you still bleed me, when I’m 63?  I want you all to know.  Your little torture test has been a thrill, and a blessing to me.  Now go annoy someone who really means something to you!  Secretly?  I would like a Blow-up Doll that farts a whole lot less…  TTFN…


16 thoughts on “63

    • I’ll try to preserve myself long enough… Water and fire signs get along famously! I’ll look forward to make with your aquaintance then. Be sure and remind me… I sometimes forget my name…

    • Oh thank you so much Amy! You didn’t have to do this ya know… Did you bring me any money? LOL! Even though I DO SO care, I’m at an all time low. My depression has paralyzed my brain! I’ve got to climb out of this hole somehow. Before, when I needed people to respond, they wouldn’t. Now that I’ve worked so hard at getting them to do so, I can’t… Go figure! I’m just not going to let this beat me down any longer :O)

      • Oh, Darrell. Depression I am only too familiar with. I won’t take meds, so I have over the years, trained my brain not to go there. NOT EASY TO DO. That and I am very aware that when the physical body is not functioning right, you just are not able to fight back with depression. Have you tried supplements or herbs? Have you sought professional help? Please listen to your Heart as to what to do to help you. I will be praying for you, my friend. BIG (((HUGS))) Amy ❤

    • Thank you InfiniteZip! Right: ‘Nothing Changes on New Year’s Day!’ So why do B-Day people expect everyone should just drop everything and worship them? That was a very astute observation!

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