3 Bloggers You Should Know


I have been nominated for a challenge by: ‘Thumbup’ at – http://livelovelaughdotme2.com/2015/06/12/on-the-second-day/comment-page-1/#comment-17250 to come up with 3 Bloggers I would recommend.  In the past, I have recommended people for their blogging talents, and expertise on various subjects of interest.  We’re going to do things differently for a change: not that these people lack in talent or expertise at all.  I have chosen these people in particular, for their ability to be and make friends!  This is advantageous to anyone looking for some tiny bit of recognition amongst a sea of over 35 million bloggers!  Naturally, they are not the only ones.  However, it’s difficult to find them!  They truly enjoy reading other people and are the very asset that allows this community to grow and flourish…  They belong to that very illusive group we can truly call: ‘Friends’, and we need them like the air we breathe!  Next time, I hope to include men.  LOL!

1)  Galesmind: http://galesmind.com/ Here’s someone who would reblog you, even if you weren’t a member!  LOL!  She can gather up 30 likes easily, and you know what that means.  If she reblogs you and her followers like it, they could very well visit you, and become a follower.  When I first met her, I couldn’t attract a mosquito let alone bloggers.  However, since I did (2 months ago) things have changed drastically for the better on my blog, and I largely have her to thank!  Give her a visit, and find out what friends are for!  You’ll be so glad you did!  She’s that ‘One in a million’ kind of person you may have been missing out on.  She breeds new blogging sites, like rabbits breed little bunnies!  Go give her a boo!  And don’t just leave one of those: ‘That’s nice…’ quips.  Talk to her!

2)  Catherine Mary: https://katynana.wordpress.com/ Now here’s a Catholic name if you’ve ever heard one!  Actually, I knew Katie from two years ago.  She has just now got back after a two-year ‘hiatus’ as she calls it.  If there’s anyone who can cut through all the chit-chat CRAP, and get down to reside within the very meat of your soul, it’s Katie!  Though her communication skills are excellent, and she won’t hesitate to run you through reams of thoughts and makes you feel so at ease, it’s so much more than this.  This lady is the epitome of compassion, and advocates it over anything else!  Her positive self,  will rub off on you like white on rice!  It’s so hard to just pick up from 2 years ago and start again.  Wanna feel warm and good all over?  Wanna feel like you’ve always belonged?  Visit Catherine Mary!  She’ll give you the stamina to go on, just when you feel like giving up…  If you don’t have a friend in the world, you do now!

3) LadyPinkRose: https://herladypinkrose.wordpress.com/2015/06/14/after/ What can I say about this daffodil?  She loves flowers!  And since she recently got a new 100 mm Canon Macro-lens, she’s been wowing everyone with some really spectacular images she adds pertinent sayings to…  Wanna know someone who’s more than just talk?  Then here’s a girl after your own heart!  When I first met her, I was so sad!  And what’s the first thing she says to me?  ‘I’m so sad!’  LOL!  Since then, neither one of us has been able to stop laughing!  Amy can aim at her topic with the accuracy of a blow dart!  She can be dead serious, or tickle you near to death!  She has a post about her trip to Niagara Falls that nearly made me pee myself!  She’s more addictive to me than Heroin would be!  And if anyone tried to take her from me, they’d have to pry her from my dead body!  LOL!  Wanna know somebody who really DOES change the world for the better?  Then you’ll want to know Amy!  Can’t really say I could have made my way here without her… MG_2089_thumb.jpg


6 thoughts on “3 Bloggers You Should Know

  1. Reblogged this on galesmind and commented:
    Thank you so much for the wonderful compliment. I think you give me too much credit you get so many new followers because you have a great blog. If I have made you more available to others that makes me happy. Thanks again friend.

  2. Darn drat oh gosh! You’ve gone and made me cry, Darrell! Please keep laughing! You make ME laugh so hard sometimes I am peeing in MY pants! I know I can be really funny, with a very dry sense of humor, so I am now thinking of having more posts like I wrote on my Niagara Falls post. My Life at times honestly could be made into a sitcom. That is, IF you have the ability to laugh like I do. Hehehehehe I am so glad our paths have crossed. Thank you for the honor you have given me here with this post. Thank you from the bottom of my Heart! (((HUGS))) Amy ❤

  3. OMG!!! i I’m shocked, I’m stunned…does that mean I’m “shunned”?!?LOL! NOT! !! I’m speechless…but fear not, my friend, I’m told the condition is momentary and will pass…eventually! So…just a question…is anyone recommending your good self to the bloggin world out there, cuz I’d like to let them know about you…and all that you’ve done to make me laugh (and cry, just a bit) with the amazing stuff that you write right here, D.E….I’m so humbled I dont know what else to say…except,,,love, Katie.

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