The Great Divide


We preach peace, but we make war!  We say we abhor prejudice, yet so many suffer from it moment by moment, worldwide!  We offer each other love, but inflict pain!  Holding truth on high, as if it were some ideal to achieve, when the truth about truth is that it’s not always good, not always helpful or even always right!  We struggle with it so because it isn’t a black and white thing: more like a 256 shades of grey thing.  And when we lie to someone, more often than not, it’s to prevent them from being hurt.  Yet, is that something that they themselves would prefer? 

So by not telling the entire truth, you are still lying, because concealment is also a form of deception.  If thou dust respect the Earth, why dust thou still pollute, and warm globally?  Are we not then in fact living a lie?  With this entry, we will put our high-sounding words to the test, in answer to the question: ‘What is it that seperates us all from the value system we seek to be omnipresent?’  Where is Man’s agreement with his fellow-man to live and let live?

Great Expectations


The only way you’re ever going to see truth, justice and the american way written in stone, is when you die, and that’s a fact!  Part of the problem, is all of the pressure put upon us to be somebody: to constantly perform at such a high level, that the vast majority of us won’t even come close!  This in turn prods us to pose as an ‘example’ of what others want us to be, rather than being who we truly are.  So, we are encouraged to be impostors!  We cover our faults in shame, when in fact, we should be very much aware of them, if we ever hope to change this for ourselves, and hence, for the world in general…

A wise man once asked me: ‘Are you some kind of Idiot?’  Yes, idiots come in different flavors as well… However, we need our idiots, or our geniuses wouldn’t look so smart without comparison.  We just can’t be everything to everyone all the time!  So when we fail, we put the blame all on ourselves, and refuse to reach out for support, that our weakness might be revealed!  I am NOT Superman, and here’s a little secret: very few people are!  And if we all always told the truth?  We’d all be in jail!  LOL!  If we’d all admit we’re all liars to some extent or other, we’d have something apparent to fix!

Great ignorance


This is the Chevrolet Volt electric car…  Now if you had solar panels on your roof, you could charge this baby up for free!  It goes for $34,170 which I think is just great for something that would save you so much money in gas!  And if we won’t buy them, they won’t make them!  There are some out there now with performance specs that would make you drool!

Hold a chicken upside down and cover its eyes for a minute.  He’ll think it’s night-time and go to sleep…  But that doesn’t make it so!  The powers that be,  behave like the chicken,  and believe it will be night-time for them if they should promote electric cars, do business via computer, rather than a big shot plane ride, remove pesticides from our food in favor of natural predators, and stop killing the oceans for profit, starving people, and sucking money from us, that never gets to them! Funny thing is, they make their mess, and then throw the responsiblity to clean it up, on the public, and buy our lives up cheap so they can keep The Stone Age alive and well!  Modern?  Look around you!  We still live in caves!

The Great Divide

Toroweap Point

Remember the story where several blind men feel different parts of an elephant?  One feels it’s trunk and says he thinks an elephant is very much like a snake.  Another feels it’s foot and says it’s very much like a turtle etc..?  Well that’s how we are: all examining our tiny portion of the same thing, and calling it something different!  Truth be known. all the parts of an Elephant work together, and so should we.  Instead, we make borders and divide up our perspectives on the same thing…  Humanity, which is so divided now, it looks very much like a snake!  Association between different cultures provides us with a picture of the entire elephant…  At least then we’d know we need nuts!

Need we be poor?  No!  It’s only because Mankind has no agreement that we are…  You know very well, if I received just one dollar from every Canadian, I’d be 40 million dollars richer and they’d barely notice!  Need we go hungry?  No!  The Earth provides enough food to carry us all twice over: in fact, 2 whole acres of food each!   It is our solemn obligation to feed one another!  What would happen to your body if any one of its parts refused to do its job?

Ya know?  Instead of this: ‘Let the chips fall where they may!’  CRAP, can we not divide up the chips equally?  Is it not precisely where the chips fall that counts?  A Sweeper does much more for your health than a Tennis Player!  Yet who do we pay more, and by how much?  We pay more to those forbidding our freedom, than to those who would liberate us from, let’s face it, slavery.  If all you can afford is a little food, and a rented roof, do slaves get less?

In Conclusion:

Will Mankind ever reach an agreement of dignity and honor for all?  Or must I quote Orson Wells: ‘To know the future, imagine a giant, boot stomping on a human face…  Forever!’  It need not be so though…  If we will be kind enough, and loving enough, and determined enough to learn how to live together in a selfless, and compassionate way: crime, hunger, pollution, sickness, pain, poverty, humiliation, and death?  Those things would simply vanish from our midst! 

And progress without selfishness?  Imagine progress at 100  times the pace you see now!  Imagine a world that never has time for sadness or despair again: a world alive with vibrance and interest!  Imagine a world where you can truthfully say: ‘I really love to be here!’  A world where everyone loves you now, and always…  Love and forgiveness!  Isn’t that what you really want?


10 thoughts on “The Great Divide

  1. that’s true. Honest people is a rare find but even in all honesty there’s still a thing about yourself that we can’t reveal. Honesty kills or builds my relationship is getting fouler everyday because of my honesty and got to make drastic strategic move to prove that it’s not my fault hoping someday with the help of my family acting as referee between me and my hubby. Hoping that my decision though heartless and selfish will make things right in the end : mistakes after mistakes to right some wrongs. Is it a right decision?

    • I wouldn’t say to be honest to a thief or liar! Are you offering him an utimatum, or a clean break? Perhaps the right or wrong of it isn’t the question. Will it make you happy? Perhaps if I replace the word ‘honest’ with ‘trustworthy’, it will afford you a little more latitude?

      I would suggest the both of you consult an actual guidence counciler with a degree in Psychology before implimenting your plan. There may be something as yet to consider! And with an event of this calibre, I’d recommend you be 100% certain. That’s my advice, given the information you’ve provided…

      • I am confused by what you said please, I don’t understand if you felt like a victim here. You know, the real victim here is me. It means someone is ddemoralizing me on some issues I know nothing about. If, your talking about life is a fairytale the truth that blog has been sitting in my draft for a very long time it’s been four months already I don’t have the courage to post it because I’m too detail oriented or it’s not the right time yet. Broadblogs just told me that a fairytale story has been implemented so, you see I told her that I have uncanny ability to see things before it hits market. I don’t have any monetary payments over my work here in wordpress. The truth is I’m blogging for free and I don’t receive any money from anybody else that is certain. Someone, or anybody used my account or my blogs for their means but I don’t receive any dime from my work. That’s my truth who is that someone whom you have animosity with well, I’m not anyone or anybody’s puppet because I don’t receive any payment or salary from blogging. So, now please render me justice you know everything but I don’t know anything. I’m a rat caught in a cage. The prisoner is me with whom I am completely innocent of your unjust accusations. God knows my honesty and goodwill to all people here in wordpress.

      • what information you see many events unknowing to me I can sense early on a foresight I noticed the power invested upon me that is something inherent that I used in handling events in my life. I don’t know anything I’m alone here. I don’t talk with anyone or anybody concerning wordpress of what to post or not. I am autonomy I love writing I write from inspirations of my soul. I want to make it clear with you. I’m alone here. My husband don’t want me to write but I’ve been living a caged life my husband is working abroad and writing is just hobby that I don’t take money from . no one pays me any money. I didn’t have a job. Why are people those who are in power tries to take the blame to those who are powerless . I don’t have money that is why? they are treating me badly? I fought back because I don’t know anything I’m fishing for the truth I’m thankful that you have the answer. But everything is still vague to me you see . I am used.

  2. First, I’d like to thank you for putting your confidence in me Franz! You are not alone here. You’re surrounded by many talented and highly gifted people! I always comment, so you will always hear from me. I notice you mention the abscence of payment for being on WordPress. There are forms of payment that surpass financial consideration. Friendship in and of itself is priceless to begin with. And the intrigue and adventure here is something more akin to travel without having to pay expenses. Work is its own reward, building valuable experience, stamina and recognition. Work is the adult word for fun Franz. And you say you love writing and have good will toward all. So perhaps some offer awaits you within this vast field of 35 million members… Jobs are for teenagers flipping burgers for the summer. What you want is called a career :O)

    The powerful exploit the powerless because power corrupts people with a false sense of Godlyhood over others, and too much money changes hands over the death of people! So to be perfectly free of blood on your hands, you’d have to have no money at all: something unreasonable, but that all are forced to live with, unless the risks of street life appeal to you.

    Who accuses you unjustly? Another word for the Devil is: ‘The accuser’… I don’t have all the answers Franz… However, I am willing to help and to be your friend! Be caged no more: try to think of this place as your freedom from that, for the time being anyway. I won’t ‘use’ you. You are safe here! Smile!!

  3. Ah, what a timely post!! Just this past week, I pointed out in a very professional way, a terrible wrong I witnessed within a vet clinic. How did this Truth resonate? Not very well. I got kicked out. Seriously. Now, in hindsight this is a very good thing because if this place is allowing criminal actions to take place, I want nothing to do with said place. My character was so smeared, so bashed, with lies and hatred spewing out of one’s mouth, that the person being described as myself, I didn’t even recognize. It is a very upside down, inside out world, my friend. I am glad you are sticking to the High Road, even when you are not sure what exactly is Truth. Great post, Darrell!!! Love, Amy ❤

    • You must have made some impression or they wouldn’t have been compelled to kick you out! I’m always so very hopeful when people exhibit the courage it takes to take a stand against crimminal acts wherever they may be found! They may retaliate by dropping a small nuke on you but: ‘We’re gonna fight! And we’re gonna win!’ – Starship Troopers… Please except this badge of honor from me: ‘ * ‘ , and wear it proudly: J.C. Penny – $3.99. I feel it so pressing to afirm your caring nature about the state of the world we live in! This is EXACTLY what people need to be doing to better our world! You’re a very special individual Amy! And I want you never should forget I said so!

      As for this post? 9 likes on something over 1000 words is a breakthrough for me! Not necessarily a felony… I didn’t even know people would read that far on my blog until now! I feel elated beyond my wildest dreams! And I think, in a very real way, it was you and two other people that made that possible for me! And an elephant is very much like someone who never forgets what a wonderful friend you are :O)

      • Without courage to stand up for what is right there is no strength in one’s backbone. The sad thing is more people will allow themselves to be led around by the nose, even if that means their demise. I keep HOPING that by doing what I am, my example will be seen and heard, and others will really being to THINK about changing themselves in order to being to develop a backbone. I honestly don’t know how some people sleep at night, Darrell. One of the people involved in this horror told me personally last year, I take better care of my cats then that facility in the hospital part of that facility. Then that person turns around and stabs me so hard that it took me days to recover. Funny how I “saw” in this person a while ago the fact that there is no real strength in this person’s backbone. And sure enough, my observation came right back to me. I couldn’t tell you if what I did made any difference at all. But this I can tell you. From out of that nightmare came a Gift, one that I shall treasure. No longer able to bring my cats to this facilty means they will no longer be subjected to unmentionable horrors. Please just take my word for it that what I witnessed, has a potential of really bringing danger and harm to an animal. In my world, that is called blatant animal abuse, and a misuse of professional ethics.
        I have a post coming that will be using the first sentence I used here in this comment. I am giving you the credit and will link your blog to my post because you inspired me to write the words, Darrell. Thank you from the bottom of my Heart. I embrace and accept with humbleness your award. I am really touched! With Love and (((HUGS))) Amy ❤ … who walks what she talks. 😉

  4. I wanted to copy and paste an appropriate quote here, but this a.m., I seem to be more dislexic than usual, so here it is…”THE NAKED TRUTH IS FAR BETTER THAN A WELL DRESSED LIE”..I sometimes think we are the last generation to stand up for anything..truth, acceptance, dare I say, ‘peace, love and understanding’? We can go on lying to ourselves and everyone else in this world if we like, but in the end, we’ll only have ourselves to blame for the mess that got made…I have always said, and will continue to say that I’d rather hear the truth and be hurt or scared for the moment, walk through it to the other side, than to be lied to, because someone didn’t love me enough to be real with me…exceptional blog, D.E….and may I say to Amy, good for you, girl for stickin’ to your guns regardless of the outcome…love, Katie.

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