What’s your Story?



4 thoughts on “What’s your Story?

    • They also took an X-Ray of my brain and said they found nothing. LOL! I just shouldn’t have stepped on that land mine during a freak mud slide! (SHABOOM!) ‘You are, and always will be, my friend!’ (Spok finger cramp :O)

  1. i wish you hadnt run away yesterday i coulda used a little music my day sucked after a torturous dental appointment. todays no better. ya just have to learn how to share the madman a little bt hes leaving soon we all want a minute with him to say goodbye and record a few video and audio sessions. best regards D peace.

    • I had to get 2 Dogs on the phone before he was on his way, and I have free long distance. Have all of the madman you like! Before he goes, I’m gonna pop a champagne cork right at his nose! LOL!

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