To Forgive and Forget



9 thoughts on “To Forgive and Forget

    • Pretty good for chicken hearted, weak and wimpy people like us eh? I always love The Eagles lyrics… Powerful song! Thank you, but you better not do anything to me, I couldn’t take it right now! I must go sulk :O(

  1. D.E. are u home? Or are u out there livin’ real life…too busy, etc….too tired (like me) …I’m just here sayin; “yoo-hallow”, n’ that…hope u r o k…Katie.

    • Well hope is always good… I’m too tired to take my vitamins! I’ll watch TV, but I don’t use any sound or picture. They annoy me! I get hungry, but I’m tired of eating the same old thing: rubber tires. People have been complaining that I’ve been teaching their old dogs new tricks… It’s safer under the bed!

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