Peculiar Things

  • They have this commercial that starts out by declaring their product cures Hep C.  Then it ends by saying it only works on people who have had no prior treatment.  So it suddenly occurred to me that most everybody knows they have Hep C, and have had prior treatment, making the use of this ‘cure’ ineffective!
  • The one thing I can completely understand, is that everything is completely non-understandable…
  • Is there some reason why we strike inanimate objects when we get mad? ‘(Whack!  Whack!)  Take that dresser drawer, what don’t want to close PROPERLY!!’  Perhaps we must somehow feel superior toward our furniture at the time,  in a way, that the rest of us, are all completely unaware of!
  • You’re confused, so you go to your Priest.  He tells you to do three ‘Hale Mary’s’ and a few ‘Haile Hitler’s’ if you so choose.  So you do…  But you’re still confused!
  • You need experience to get the job.  But shouldn’t you be doing the job to get the experience?
  • There are lots of people who will tell you what to pursue in life.  Unfortunately, most of them are unemployed…
  • What will you do if you miss every crack, and your Mother’s back gets broken anyway?
  • Before you dive into a pool, check to see if there’s water in it!
  • What is Golf but walking, where it just so happens, there’s a ball involved?
  • Are we bigoted?  Only if we’ve never met, and gotten to know someone of a different ethnic culture.  Yet the norm is that blacks associate only with blacks, and whites with whites, etc..  We therefore discourage getting to know one another, and it may even be frowned upon!  Yet someday soon, we will be indistinguishable from one another skin color wise.  So efforts to separate, are already FUTILE! YOU CANNOT ESCAPE NAZIS!  SHOOT THE VOLUNTEERS!!
  • I want to go out and take pictures of flowers.  So I looked at the forecast for the next two weeks, and every day is windy!
  • Do you eat to live, or live to eat?
  • If you are 60 years old, you are aging 12,000 times faster than a 9-year-old!
  • If you’re high nearly all the time, does not being straight then become like, the new high?
  • If when we die, we lose 21 grams, where does it go?
  • The nearest star system to us is a triple system: ‘Alpha, Beta, and Proxima Centauri, more than 30 trillion miles away!  Scientists say that using: ”fusion’ fuel, we could reach 15% the speed of light, and get there in 42 years.  That’s fast!!  What if we get there, and nobody’s home?  Backgammon?



4 thoughts on “Peculiar Things

  1. I have been sotired lately it’s been hard to read never mind take in other peoples’ blogs…feel a little behind hand…liked this very much…some of it very funny….can answer one idea are right, I never stepped on a crack as a little girl, and my mom slipped 4 discs anyway…and yes, then it was completely confusing…I was little a thought I must have missed some time or other…Katie.

    • Yes, I miss thinking too… We don’t think enough about inventing more junk than we already have but never use. 4 Discs eh? Does she walk like Frankenstein? And to think I once thought paper cuts painful! Confusing = SNAFU… I don’t know why I bought the Santa Clause routine either, but I did. It’s a rare mind indeed when even you don’t know what you’re thinking!

      Oh and thank you for this particular comment! I found a flaw in the post and fixed it :O)

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