Hi!  My name is: ‘Stupid’, and it should be that, because all of Mankind only knows 5% of our oceans, and we live here!  I see many people hustling about their business, but very few of them are in scuba suits!  Why?  We have become the total sum of a world in which thinking has very little to do with our daily routine.  In fact, I will go so far as to say that we are creatures of routine, creatures of routine, creatures of routine!  Sorry!  I got caught a loop there…

If I could sum up just one word that would make us all more capable bloggers, that word wood bee: ‘Curiosity’…  C’Mon!  It’s cousin is: ‘Get me into trouble!’  LOL!  Where has our spirit of adventure gone?  We have forgotten the five ‘W’s’ of journalism: ‘What, where, why, when and whack off…’  To think on something, we need to explore.  If we find for example, that life leads to a futile process of decay, pain and death,  I might develop the opinion: ‘THAT REALLY SUCKS MAN!’

So look at that!  That title for a really good blog has just materialized out of thin air: ‘THAT REALLY SUCKS MAN!’  And why?  It solicited an emotional response.  And that’s the secret, is to get yourself all worked up first!

So listen up!  I’m a Depresoid so knowledge isn’t really a good idea for me! And I can’t go getting all stirred up with emotions!  Knowing people really stinks too!  I’m really scared of my own shadow.  ‘What was that?’  Oh…  It’s OK…  It was only my own shadow…  In fact, STAY AWAY FROM ME!  I DON’T WANT TO KNOW ANYTHING!  GO AWAY!  LOL!


Footnote:  Put this picture on a page the same color as the one The Clown is ripping through, and it makes for a great piece of stationary :O)


2 thoughts on “Curiosity

  1. I am curious and that curiosity has landed me in trouble at times. LOL And hey, I am about to do YOU a wonderful favor! WP rules are: thou shall not have more then 15 tags (inclusive of categories) for when thou does, thou post shall not show in thine follower’s reader. No lie. No pun. Yes for real. I noticed you have >15 tags, so you aint showing in my reader. Get it together, will ya? I wanna see you in my reader! ❤

  2. The pic of the clown is creepy but definitely grabs the attention of the reader, possibly your point? Curiosity kills the cat, so I’m told…guess that’s why THEY have nine lives, LOL! This is your best blog yet…you’re right no one has to think, enquire, be curious about anything any more…everything is done for them (e smartphone apps do it does my apps pg on Windows 8)…and it is a piss off, because they aren’t just losing sight of what’s around them out there, they’ve lost sight of what’s beside them in here…namely themselves..I will always be curious, and I will always ‘…open doors….because ‘I’m not afraid of what’s behind them’. love, Katie.

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