Weapon of Choice



7 thoughts on “Weapon of Choice

  1. As amazing a person as Nelson Mandela was, I don’t think he was right..education is indeed, a very powerful weapon..it can and has changed many lives in history…but on its own it cannot change anything, except the way one thinks..is that enough? No. If there’s no passion or compassion to go with it, education means nothing and goes nowhere…after all, sometime, somewhere in history, somebody had to be passionate enough about the subject to get people to become educated inthe first place…their love for knowledge led them there…but it still isn’t everything…love for oneself and others might change things, with education, therefore knowledge as well, would be part of it…great quote..totally thought provoking…love, katie.

    • ‘What we have here, is a failure to communicate!’ LOL! I was always under the impression that with knowledge comes understanding, and through understanding, compassion for others. I think you may be refering to the methodology we use to teach our teachers how to teach. It could well be flawed by now, as everything Man does works well at first, but then gets mucked up by our mucking around with it.

      Teaching children moral values while Preists sodomize our children, parents squabble over who bought the tea bags last, and friends who’s parents didn’t bother to instal any value system at all, is certainly not the answer. I sight education because it’s the one thing we can revamp… I thoroughly enjoy how you think Katie! Interesting reply! xOx

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