Do you Understand my Music?

I can play and sing The Beatles better than The Beatles do…  I sound more lIke The Stones than The Stones do!  I ‘m a professional Musician!  If you heard some of my own songs, you would mavel at them!  I truly believe one day, we will be famous! I just come from practice, and I can safely say, I am really gifted beyond a shadow of a doubt                                        …  You may think John Lennon is lost, but he lives in my voice!

I have a lot of power and delivery! I don’t mean to brag, but I’m better than anyone!  I hate being so right, but I usually am…  I’m a great Musician!  I have an amazing voice!.  I don’t think you know.  But when I sing, I’m pure power!  And I can reach very high notes! My voice is more pure than Lennon’s voice is!  And I’m just as good a rhythm player…  I’m better than anyone in my band!  In point of fact,  I’m the best that there is!  I sing like an Angel!  And I play very fast…  Plus I’m a very sweet person.   People enjoy being around me…  They find it a privelege to know me… Pray to me!!  I’m the greatest!  My own stuff is even better…  I truly can’t see any falability in my presentation!  To be the best there is in something…  Anything!  Holy SH*T!  And to be at practice?  There’s no place I’d rather be :O)


8 thoughts on “Do you Understand my Music?

  1. There’s nothing like jammin’ with your friends…one of the greatest ‘highs’ there’s ever been…your with still leaves me helpless! loved this blog!! love, Katie.

    • Thank you Darling one! Don’t you think this is just a little over the top, concerning my great love for self? LOL! To tell you the tooth, I’d been drinking… I only drink at practice now, and have cut way down from the way I used to be. Now I only drink 90 beers an hour, and I always have a glass of water after my 45th. one :O)

  2. Glad to hear you’re ‘watering it down’ like they do in the pubs…it was over the top, Darrell…does this mean you’re only witty when you’re half cut? In which case…what about the rest of your blogs that are as funny as this?!? LOL!! love Katie

    • I always get the feeling that life will take it’s own path, so I may just as well go with the flow. Our drummer, The Mad Man is moving to Niagra Falls, so it would now cost me traveling expenses just to practice with the band. I’m sorry i sound so down right now, but it just seems whatever plans I make in life end in disaster. Don’t be surprized if I die in a freak mud slide! Just for once, I’d like to see something work out…

      • That sucks, re your drummer, D.E…of course you feel like hell at the moment, I would..complete downer there, talk about being thrown a curve ball…but it is for a moment…life has a tendancy for pulling off chain reactions around us that at first seem horrible and hurtful, but then something else happens that couldn’t have, if we hadn’t had the horrible and hurtful bit first…my experience anyway…in the meantime, make sure you’re not standing under a mountain the next time there’s a flash rainstorm…LOL? love, Katie.

      • I have given up again… Oh darn! I just think: What’s the use in trying? So I stopped running! I stopped going out unless I have to! OK! I do pace the floor. I guess that counts as exercise. I’m getting fat again: it’s my addictioion to that killer, nutritious treat, carmel-pecan, yogurt-icecream! Then, all I wanna do is sleep… [It’s just a depressive episode], I tell myself. But for how long this time? ‘I don’t care what they say I won’t stay, in a world without love!’ So Bipolar :O(

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