Micro Save

Today I’m in a creative mood, and began to wonder if having a microwave oven is (in it’s present state of developement), is such a wise idea.  It absolutely ruins my tea!  And their’s something I find repulsive about eating a chicken that looks the same when it went in, as it does when it comes out!  I’m geting the notion that we are used to using the convection method of cooking, and don’t really fancy the radiation threatment all that keenly…

So I was thinking…  (Thinking?  How does he do that?  We must get the secret for national defence!)  Why not make a microwave oven that has a 5 minute browning time through convection, when the food is cooked through?  That way, I can have my tea, and drink it too!

Micro House Cleaners

Why not just empy a jar of tiny, nano-bots: each programed to collect up 100 particles, and then head for the garbage bag.  You could have your entire house cleaned from top to bottom in five minutes!  You should set the organic particle size to ‘small’, so you, and your cat don’t end up without body hair!  LOL!



2 thoughts on “Micro Save

  1. re microwaves…I never knew people actually COOKED in them..I agree with you about tea, tho’..tried it once…yuk! Back to electric kettle on stove! Reheats tea OK, tho’…died laughing about the settings on your nano-bot cleaners…I’m losing enough hair as it is, LOL! One of the many reasons I’m just lovin’ 60! LOL! Of course if there was a setting for, say facial hair, I might break open the bank to buy one! LOL! love, Katie.

    • You wouldn’t say that if you wanted to be a hairy man! LOL! OK… Fortunately, most women do have that ambition. Yeah eh? Wrong setting and you’d rape your guests! LOL! Why are ‘they’ selling Botox? Isn’t that supposed to be a potent muscle parylizer? Love and kisses: xOx

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