9 thoughts on “Simply

      • This is my Vision, Darrell! LOVE is who we are and I am just waiting on folks to wake up to realize this. In the meantime, I walk in Love, chop wood and carry water. (smile) Love, Amy ❤

      • Well what kind of love do you have in mind? Do you like it rough? I have sandpaper and a drill if you bon’t mind good vibrations… Are you kinky? I could always make love to a squirrel first if that’s your bag. Why, you may end up with more nuts than you accounted for! If I could only get you behind a dumpster for just 10 minutes! I’d sell you a watch, accurate to within 10 minutes! LOL!

      • So sorry to burst your bubble, but there is much more to Love then sex. Yes sir, there is. Sex is only one aspect of Love. As for selling me a watch, I decline your generous offer, for you see, I don’t wear a watch. I don’t allow time to control me and have learned to “feel” what “time” it is. Yes true. Now if I was still holding a nursing job, I would have to wear a watch for many reasons. But since I am not a nurse anymore, you are about 20 years too late with the offer. 🙂
        Think of me, sunburned crispy, on my LAST day opening these gardens. I actually have two other gardens to reopen but I am letting those slide for now. The barn cats next door have decided to use those gardens as their area to use as their bathroom, so why bother cleaning something up when cats will be right behind me making a mess? *sigh* And here you thought you had a complicated life. LOL

      • Free fertalizer… Crispy? Mmmm! I wouldn’t mind you over a bed of lettus! I don’t wear a watch either. I wear a sundial. LOL!

        There are four kinds of love. In order of priority, they are ‘agape’ (Relationship love based on principle: ie.. what’s good for you whether you like it or not, and the kind of love God has for you as well, uh, minus the sex.) Philia or friendship love is the kind of love we have. There is nothing better you can do than to give your life for a friend… I’m thinking of killing myself for you now! LOL! ‘Storgay’ or brotherly, family obligatory love, and ‘Eros’ performed on Humpday.

        P.S. If everyone considered cultivating the Earth instead of digging it up for oil, the lights would go out :O(

      • You do have a way with words, I must admit. Giggling found I as I read your comment. I fully agree with you, IF people would focus on LOVE and ALL that it means, the Lights most definitely would go out. GRIN!
        It is hotter then blazes here! Go figure! Two weeks ago I could see my breath upon the air, it was that chilly! Today a whopping 92 degrees! IN THE SHADE. I finished my gardens yesterday YAY! and today I apply water and fertilizer. I have a BIG post coming showing all my gardens and me with the sweat dripping off of me as it is now LOL, with a huge VICTORY grin on my face. Next week I start blogging OH YAYAY!!! so plan on seeing me over at your place. I really thank you for keeping me company as I toiled with this massive undertaking this year. For some reason, I found it more difficult then usual. More likely then not, it is because of the loss of my Dad not too long ago and how much that took out of me. Let me just say, I am SOOOO glad these gardens are officially over. Now I must also do a rain dance because we are in dire need of rain! See you soon! ❤ Amy

  1. This is very true…but when I explain things simply(something I call telling the truth), you would be amazed at the negative feedback! Esp. when I don’t explain much, and only when asked (usually insisted upon by the other person in the picture! I have come to one conclusion…I am not complicated, just spontaneous and unexpected, and it throws most people because I’m a girl and as we all know, girls ARE complicated, right?!? Doesn’t mean I always understand something well, but about that time, I do my best to keep my mouth shut til I do! Keep your chin up, D.E…this too shall pass…love, katie.

    • ‘I always tell the truth: even when I lie!’ – Scarface. It’s a wise person who knows when to speak and when to keep quiet: one who thinks before they speak… ‘I’ve got one that can see!’ LOL!

      I try to save spontaneous and unexpexted for the bedroom. You know? Entering the room as Robin Hood or Zorro, really gives women a thrill! Complicated? Misunderstood. Thanks for the encouragement! Nothing can stop me! No success there… But soon I’ll get to real obsticles :O)

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