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Analyzing a Commercial

I don’t understand!  It’s like, you get 2 minutes of programming, and 5 minutes of commercial.  Is anyone even manning the station?  Or is it just on one continuous loop?  And we, are the Suckers, (a synonym for: ‘audience.’  I know of one Lypozine commercial where Bob wants to lose weight but doesn’t know how…  Then Bob must be an Idiot because he’s too stupid to ask questions.  And we are Suckers because if we’ll buy that, we’ll buy anything!  We don’t stop to ask ourselves why they must spend $100,000 to advertise their product during prime time.  It’s because they can’t get anybody to buy it any other way.  Dah!  And it must work, or why would anyone advertise anything?

The trouble is, what we buy, pretty much determines whether we want a good deal, or will pretty much buy a cheap, Hooker for a saw buck!  See, how I would work it is, I’d have one channel with a big list of commercials on it.  And if you’d like to watch a commercial, you just choose it from the list. 

Else wise, I can’t remember when the last time was, that I wanted anything they had to sell on TV.  It’s all either about getting rid of pimples, or buying a car: the two very things I should be wise enough by now, not to worry about!  Whenever a commercial comes on, I automatically channel hop to an all movie network, and preview them for 5 minutes…  Soon you’ll be able to print whatever you want anyway.  I wonder if that means we could be seeing the death throes of: ‘The Boob Tube Generation?’  I mean, even the programing sucks now!  Now it’s all about watching somebody else at work, or crime, violence, and sex shows like: ‘Criminal Minds, Miami CSI’….  Too many Hero criminal aprehender shows…


Most of what’s in Supermarkets, is made of corn…  What do we care?  As long as it’s ‘Gooood!’


7 thoughts on “We’ll be Right Back after this Brief Message!

  1. I agree wholeheartedly…good blog! I myself dumped cable TV in 1992 & never looked back..long before there were movie channels, we simply used our TV for VHS movies and Nintendo games…between not getting ANYONE’S attention while a program was on (Star Trek especially) and my kids becoming more and more demanding about what they HAD to have (commercials), I ‘d finally had it! My ‘CNN’ was (OMG!) the RADIO, a much older telecommunications device, but it worked…and we (Not that!!!) READ THE PAPER!!!! At least with a newspaper, one has a CHOICE of what one is seeing! No Crime Shows no sex shows, no violence…and don’t get me started on what TV does to the mind& the psyche, esp. in sleep state…I’ll be here for hours! Suffice it to say that I noticed the greatest side effect of pulling cable, was that in 6-8 months my kids and I slept more comfortably, less restlessly…nightmares went down to zero focus, & stress levels in general eased up to acceptable…well, most of the time, anyway! I really enjoyed this…lvoe, Katie.

    • You spelled ‘love’ wrong. Was that a fruedian slip? Reguardless( means, I throw it away), I love your enthusiasm that our society should begin to throw away mindless things, and move more toward a community participation program. That’s why I love blogs! You can speak your meind in real time, and find out so much knowlege! OK… Unlike most people, I want to know the names of Uranis’s moons, and how many there are…

      On the flip side, I like the Science channel because it features “How The Universe Works’, ‘The Universe’, Stephen Hawkings: interestingly enough, he lived in a big Munsters like castle, and found thirteen ways he could enter it without a key! Anyway, I even record them off my ‘Next Box’ because I so much love the hand that made all of creation…

      I don’t believe in God like most people do. I believe he lives on another planet, and sent a spaceship that four Wisemen saw float across the sky to lead them to a farm: this means it must’ve been a spaceship, because stars donb’t move across the sky like that!

  2. Even in the UK across the pond, seems like 5 minutes of commercials splitting up a “good” show every 10. That’s why I record shows I want to see so I can speed through the commercials and not be bothered by pimple cream, insurance search sites and the other mindless drivel being sold. Wouldn’t be without cable due to my super fast internet connection, the TV I’d prefer to watch commercial free. Why not have infomercial in between the programming you can choose to watch? They wouldn’t get the size of audience to justify the high price of course.

    • I’m getting just a little sick of the future of all of society resting on a price tag! I prefer to record them when they come on the movie channels so there’s no commercials in them to begin with. If I want to buy something, I’ll approach a Salesman myself and enquire. I don’t want them approacing me though: most especially to present something I’m not even interested in… What if you were in a store looking for a new sterio system, and some guy walked up to you and tried to sell you wrinkle cream? Wouldn’t you tell him politely to go away? Commerials are the same thing! I hate them! At least tax payments are only once a year! I’d hate to think what CRAP is rotting in my mind just for that reason… It’s really an invasion of privacy!

      • I do have to agree with you, however, even our movie channels (apart from the expensive premium channels) carry commercials to break up the programming. I would rather ask for advice and guidance for something I really want to buy than be inundated with mindless advertising for something no one wants.

      • It IS senseless and completely misguided. The object is to attract people if you want a sale, not pester them! Like I always say: ‘Everything’s backwards!’ I think we should demand more intelligent TV if we are toexpect it ot continue…

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