Strange Turbulent Sunset


Here are the rest of the sunset pictures I took when I took the star pictures.  Why I’m snapping away at the sunset,  I glance, (for some reason I can’t explain) to my far right, and here was this very odd cloud configuration happening…


Though clouds did intervien and prevent me from capturing an actual sun, the colors were really breath-taking!


This is about as close as I got to actually including the sun…  LOL!  Anyway, enjoy the slide show:


4 thoughts on “Strange Turbulent Sunset

  1. Mornin’ Darrell: These pics are absolutely breathtaking! Guess God hasn’t lost his touch with the paint palette of creation…a Whole lot of WOW! Then there’s the artist who caught this on film..not bad either, that guy! Have a great day, today! love, Katie.

    • OK then… You can worship me if you’d like to. I’ll take it! LOL! Yes… Sunsets like these change very quickly, so you have to be observant. I sometimes like to take pictures of sunsets with a telescopic lens so you can focus in on anomalies. Every sunset is different. Plus, I own a very good camera: the first to provide real, live, 35 mm. format. This means that any lens attached reads exactly right. ie.. a 50 mm. lens realy is a 50 mm. lens. That’s about the way we normally see things. (Starting to show off..) Yupper! I am somewhat of a genius, now that you mention it…

    • Thank you so much Joleene! I greatly appreciate that you enjoyed them! You or anyone can use them however you wish… Simply send me a certified cheque for 1 million dollars. LOL! I wouldn’t mind if you acknowledge me though :O)

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