2 thoughts on “0153a

  1. I had no idea that you were a musician, D.E.! Well, you learn somethin’ new every day…nice Martin, buddy! my ex had similar but not the exact, obviously..when my youngest sons hit their teens, I gave them the basics and they took off for a bout five years…Lee played lead, Chris bass and a friend of theirs did drums… just had this weird thing happen looking at your pics…old guys overlaid with the memories of young guys, doin’ the exact same thing! Wild! Jamming does leave you breathless, and the sore hands…ouch! But if your havin’ a good time, what’s a few minor details?!? Have a good day, Darrell…love (Spelled write,lol!) Katie.

    • Two Dogs has a son with the same first name as Two Dogs, who has started their own band, and they’re becoming famous! They’re called… Uhhh… Well my point is, hmmm. I’ll write a post called: Wrestling with Two Dogs, you’ll know the kind of rivalry we have.

      We’d have no trouble making it if Two Dogs didn’t slack off at practice sometimes! If he were to ever do that on stage, I would walk off and leave him to cope with he own incompetence! Grrrrr! LOL! BTW, you know you’re practicing often enough if your finger tips are really hard… I love it when I talk dirty :O)

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