6 thoughts on “OK?

    • What is a ‘dude’ exactly? Is that like someone who owns a ranch? You may refer to me as ‘D’ in the future: Short for the word ‘Dude’ I prefer to be a capital Dude :O)

      • hahah. . like ‘ THE Dude’ from the movie. . The piece sounded to me like a young guy talking to another young guy – the age & kind of guys who call every guy Dude

      • Yeah… It’s like in The States, everyone is a ‘Dude’ or cowboy of natural, W.A.S.P. decent, where a lot of black people are. And up here in Canada where you hardly ever see blacks, we call each other ‘Bro’… So it’s not just a word, it’s a minority group out-reach! LOL!

        I specifically put this post up to attract disodents or those of more questionable charactor. ie.. they like to be free and people don’t want you to be so free so in a way are outcasts, which only fules there own detachment from society in general. Are you with me so far? We’ve also failed our youth by leaving our trash behind for them to clean up… And the whole work ethic won’t work if it costs $50,000 a year to house an inmate in prison… Then what? Are you not allowed more money than what it takes to house a thug? You’re supposed to buy a home and raise a family flipping burgers? Jobs used to last! They don’t anymore, and a career is now beyond the reach of most people to finance. So not only way out of line, but out of whack! Our young men and women deserve a better legacy than that!

  1. This sounds quite exactly like the way my son Lee talks to his buddies…he’s too old for such garbage to spew from his mouth, and has literally NO respect for those around him who hear this muck, not even his four kids , three of which are under 6 yrs of age…did I raise him to this kind of disrespect? NOT! I gave my son a better legacy, and he burned me “at the stake” and walked away…he didn’t end up in prison…went into the army (is there a difference? I’m thinking…no!) because it payed better than any job he had prior. Can’t argue with that, can I? But his mouth is quite exactly the picture @ the top of this pg because of it…guess he got what he paid for…just wish once in awhile, the rest of us didn’t have to suffer the payout of his career choice by suffering under such foolish diatribe when he opens his mouth to speak.

    • I agree emphatically! The English language wasn’t writen to be stompted on! Everytime we swear, we are just adding one big, negative space that means nothing after you kill the word by using it 18 times in one sentence… It only means ‘this or that’.

      I get a sick feeling come over me when I see someone like that because I just know they’re going to attract trouble! I’m so sorry it’s this way for you Catherine! Thank you for speaking up though, because this is a very real problem: it’s in the media, it’s on TV all the time… Your friends all swear> It’s like you’ve become some kind of mental vegetable that automatically repells people. Not good!

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