How to Stop Crime

Baltimore at Siege


When you get older, you know what’s going to happen in the near future, just by observing present changes.  Baltimore’s Mayor knew, as did all of us, in advance, that this kind of gathering was going to spawn riots!  They should have organized the protest before it happened…  They should have confined it to open fields surrounded by guards, where no damage can be done, except to themselves, if they should so choose.

I can see the logic of these young people is to exact revenge, like they did in Ferguson, that got them to revise their Police Department.  However, in this case, we’re now talking city folk, whose usual approach involves retribution of some kind!  It will likely be the parents of these kids that will end up paying hefty fines!  And I think it rightfully so.  Here’s why…

The Base of the Problem


Is it the parents that’s the base of the problem?  Not exactly, though they do participate.  If the law makes it illegal for you to administer capital punishment when necessary in public, how are parents able to raise their children to stay out of trouble?  And parents should be given courses on how to raise their children so they grow up with some rules and reasons that make sense to them!  This messed up world heading to suicide is not what they expected from you!

Take The Lord’s Prayer out of our school system for example, and you’re teaching our children that God and morals don’t matter!  A lot of people are having a change of heart about that question, and are experiencing a change of activity in ways to properly discipline their children.  I think laws should be changed, yes…  Also, pay scales are way below what they should be in all honesty.  If the best Tennis Player can make $77,000,000 why he’s still young in his Career, what about people who clean your house and office for you?  Is your insured health not worth more than what you give a Tennis player?  Do you think THAT might have something to do with why they vandalize your businesses?

Change The System


It’s too bad more people aren’t on top of the political world, and monitoring their own communities more closely!  Perhaps then, they would clean up the Prostitutes from the streets, and give them jobs with similar pay!  Or is that not worth your little girl not getting the wrong idea about how to make a living?  You can’t blame these children for reacting to injustice the way that they do.  You made a heartless world for them to reside in, so what else can you expect from them?  The system needs to be changed, and that means being involved in your community, including community meetings…  Do you even know where they’re being held?

I would make protests only legal On LIne if it were me.  But hey!  Can’t have everything…  Remember that our children are our most precious commodity!  They are the future quite literally.  Help them to build a better world: spend some more time with them, teaching them the kind of things they won’t learn in school…  Like maybe that they would get a lot more freebies in life by showing kindness of their own, proving they don’t have to steal!  Earning respect from others might also build their confidence in themselves to perhaps shoot for loftier goals.  Give them a little direction and love maybe?  Maybe exchange video games for a little outdoor activity with the family?


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