Why We Shouldn’t Legalize Mary Jane…

Now that I have your attention, LOL, I just thought I’d report in on why I’m not reporting in.  We’ll get to the topic later.  For now though, you must endure this stupid, report:  I’m not here (I’m not here?), because I’m busy painfully processing images for you,  Highlighting (highlighting?), ‘Compositing Images by Creatively Using Beach Front Cottages to Store Desktop Icons…’  I know!  exceptionally long title.  I did that,  to cleverly disguise myself as someone who can think…This is followed by actual titles! : ‘More Picturesque DSLR Cameras at 1600 ISO Using a 50 mm. Macro Lens…’  This will be capped off with a segment on: ‘Macro Captures of Tiny Flowers…’ and ‘A Memorable Sunset Featuring Freaky, Cloud Patterns…  Expect to hear from me again in, oh, I dunno…  LOL! 16 months?  LOL!

One lesson I learned while taking telephoto shots (300 mm), was that I should have cleaned my lens!  There are lots of specks and blobs I have to take out of all my sky shots.  Plus, space shots need to be edited as well because spherical abrasion too far from the center of the photos, make stars look like footballs, plus I found out that shooting stars at more than 185 mm, and getting pin point sharpness required for star shots beyond the cameras auto focus.  It’s impossible for me because that particular lens (70mm to 300mm zoom lens), doesn’t come into infinity focus at its farthest point of travel.  And for the money,  I really expected better workmanship from Canon…  I may just return it for one that works!

Below, are some beautiful star images featuring: ‘The Orion Nebula’, and even shows the nebula using a 50 mm lens, and 1600 ISO under conditions a little bit: out-of-town: away from town lights!  I plan to go even further out of town soon…The constellation of Orion, beautiful in and of itself, hovers over sleeping lights on the other side of Lake Simcoe.  The water is still frozen in placeses further down the inlet.

As always, to see these shots revealing all-stars, full magnification is required:  So look at them at full size…

151_a 0387a 0401a

The other two are previews of the sunset photos…


This is a picture of Orion shot with a 50 mm lens.  Just below: ‘Orion’s Belt’ (The tree bright stars in a row…  They are respectively. from left to right, Alnitak, Alnalam, and Mintaka).  See that what looks like a string of stars pointing downward on a guantie angle?  The brightest fuzzy patch, is the Orion Nebular: a birthing place for new stars.  You can get a better view in the slide show coming up shortly…  It also includes a couple of pictures of beach front cottages…  Click the first picture on your far left to get into The Gallery below.

Editing Info.

The star pictures, although edited at 1600 ISO, can be blown up to: 19″ by 13″, and must be in that ratio, or your star points will all be football shaped and blurry.  I suggest the Stylus R2000 Ink-jet Printer for graphics retailing at around $700 Canadian, plus 13% tax.  It has 8 different color inks and special: ‘Piezo Electric’ nozzles to distribute more exacting tone transitions…  I shall return with more in a couple of days.  Salutations!  Live long and Prosper!  May you be forever young!

:Pot is Miraculous

Surly Pot can stop seizures, fight cancer, and Depression and a host of other ailments.  I’m not disputing that.  I’m just saying, it should all be kept underground or funding for these treatments may not be available!  LOL!  i.e. some parents are feeding it to their children, so they don’t want THC in it.  I’m saying Pot shouldn’t be legalized so it can remain relatively inexpensive.  If it’s legalized, its price will be maybe as high as $8 a joint…  To start…  Then it would go up!  And it would be more expensive according to THC content!  Of corpse you’re going to want 13% content as opposed to 3%…  Shirley you don’t want this because Medical Mariquana will cost you even more!  Wanna do something constructive?  Lower the price of running shoes :O)


6 thoughts on “Why We Shouldn’t Legalize Mary Jane…

    • Thankyou for a highly observant encapsulation! LOL! Double thanx for following me… I always celibrate someone new with a cup of tea. Hopefully, I’ll soon stay awake forever! I appreciate the smiley as well :O)

  1. First off, the pictures are breathtaking.
    Nothing fancy or quasi-artsy-fartsy.
    Simply beautiful and beautifully simple images the way God meant us to witness them.

    And I used to leave my 75 – 250 f/4 on my ancient F2. Can’t remember the last time I used the stock 50mm 1.2 for more than a simple point-and-shoot.

    I didn’t quite fall for it.
    You are obviously an intelligent and insightful man, and there is no reason we shouldn’t legalize weed.
    The biggest reasons it hasn’t been legalized is that you can’t grow your own Xanax and because the Kochs and Waltons haven’t figured out a way to have it grown in China and ship it to Mexico to have the sticks and stems taken out.

    • I didn’t write it for your approval. The facts speak for themselves. You might not want to miss my next article on the subject… It’s an eye opener! I’m sure some people can afford to pay 3 times more than they do now. I’m not one of them.

      Thank you for complimenting me on my breathtaking mundane shots. Twice I had bought a $10,000 10 inch Schmidt Cassigrain to try and jump start a career taking quasi-artsy-fartsy shots of the universe, and twice I was ripped off for all my equipment!

      BTW… The sticks and stems make a potent tea, more quickly absorbed, and carsinogen free, without having to spend a cent extra! You’re right about one thing though. I’m insightful and intelligent :O)

  2. To be honest Prodigal Orphan, I must apologize for loosing my temper, and felt that by your saying it’s how God meant us to see it, I appreciate the sentiment, but God meant us to see it how we see it. And this article is about how a good camera can pick up much more light, and I’m intending a better sequal to these shots, which a will generously give away for FREE, and it seamed to me that you were undermining me. As I mentioned, I apologizise for sounding trite! Maybe I just don’t know enough about you yet…

    • Well, my friend, you don’t ever want to write anything for anybody else’s approval. If you happen to get it that’s a good sign you were really on to something. If you don’t, that doesn’t mean what you have to say isn’t substantial.
      Some folks just never learn to appreciate intellect and insight if it isn’t expressed in exactly their terms.

      “… the way God meant us to witness them.”
      You know that thing about how pictures never lie? Well they don’t, per se, but they have a way of handling certain details that don’t correspond to how our minds do.
      White balance is a built-in feature of our perceptive prowess. We’re standing there around sunset, maybe on a beach or in our backyard, talking with a lifelong friend. To us, they look their same usual self. Take a picture of them right on the spot and ol’ Kelvin is going to mess around with it. They’ll look like an oompa-loompa with a cheap spray tan.

      With many forms of photography color correction becomes a useful brush for our tool box. There are times the corrective process becomes one of replacement. Rather than going for the unvarnished, “natural” look it becomes too easy to make the sky the color blue we want it to be rather than the color we perceive it to be.
      I’m still learning self-control in that sense.
      Sometimes that actually works. Sometimes not. If I see a picture of the Las Vegas Strip taken at midnight, I kind of like the way the neon colors jump out at me. If someone has to go a little overboard increasing the color saturation to do that… cool.
      But when you look at that picture, what it’s showing you is not entirely accurate.
      It’s the Vegas Strip, so who cares?
      Landscapes that I appreciate, the ones that stay with me, are not necessarily the ones that first catch my eye. A mixture of Mother Nature’s most vibrant reds and her most subdued fuscias. Pastels and organic Day-Glo’s, if you will.
      The photos you shared just strike me as what I would see if I had been standing there right next to you. White balance and contrast might need some tweaking in the lab, burn a little, dodge a little, but not crossing that line into where the photographer is trying to create an image substantially different from what’s right there in front of them.
      I still have a Zone X card I’ll place in the corner of the frame when I’m being overly picky about a shot I’m taking.
      So while it would have been cool seeing the jewels in Orion’s Belt jumping out at me, that wouldn’t have been something I would have seen that night by my one working naked eye, and that just strikes me as more …
      honest? Real?
      Honest and real.

      I live in California, so there’s the whole medical marijuana thing to consider.
      The county I live in says you can grow your own, but can’t do it outside.
      The town I live in says you just can’t grow it no how, no way, no where.
      They also will not allow a dispensary in town.
      Guess they figure it will increase crime.
      Guess they haven’t figured that the shit’ll be out there, available from all the same sources it was available from before the little cards made it quasi-legal.
      I don’t have a problem with that, really. Worked so well in the past.
      I actually quit smoking in 1978 ’cause it got so hard to find a lid of nice, commercial, easy-going pot. Everything was laced or treated and it became a crapshoot to find any pot that brought you nothing more than what you expected.
      A couple of years ago, give or take, and what I was looking for and expecting was something that helped the way the Effexor/Zoloft and Xanax did without all the pesky side effects. And the additional prescriptions for more little pills to treat those side effects, pills which likely had their own side effects,
      If regulation would include some sort of standardization that could be a benefit. Like trying to decide if you want a nice Chablis with dinner or some rot-gut home-brew out of a mason jar. I could go for that.
      But we would need to expect something in the fine print that would likely go along with such regulation that would outweigh the benefits.
      I haven’t needed those prescriptions for quite a while now.
      A hit or two late evening, chase it down with a little Neil or Stephen or B.B. or Jerry and the Boys, I’m good to go. No side effects.
      Not all rum-dumb for the first few hours of the following day either.

      And about me?
      My wife is bedridden. Again, for the most part.
      I passed into my 50’s thinking I had all the answers (or most of them) then passed into my 60’s greeted with the revelation that I might not have been asking the right questions all along.
      I can take some getting used to.

      As a gesture of good faith and feelings, here’s a little something of admittedly questionable entertainment value for you:

      Best wishes,

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