On Being Creative



2 thoughts on “On Being Creative

  1. darrell you know how personal and important my photographs are to me. its my intellectual property. dont use any of my photos ever! delete them immediately. ive made a complaint to the police about it. thats stealing my intellectual property. photographic plagiarism . you knew youd upset me when you came here. you prolly laughed up your sleeve at me as you were leaving. i better not see any of my work out there becuase of you. its like stealing Beatles music or YOUR music and saying,”oh im just gonna play with it ” its not ok . im serious as a heart attack. the police have been notified about this. if you have one gentlemens cell left in your body please delete them all they are NOT YOURS.

    • What about you ya burn out? I’m building a reputation here for over two years worth of way more work than your crumby pictures I was just trying to save you some work with post processing. That’s what I get for acting like a friend to some paranoid mega-depressing cop calling bitch!! Stay off my site! And call the cops… I deleted them. REMEMBER??? You have the brain of a Hillbilly! And BTW, the Madman is much more stable than you PSYCHO!! And if you want your precious ‘go nowhere’ pictures left to rot in ‘open access’, that’s your OWN lookout! And who’s gonna listen to some nutbar old washed up bag of trash with a reputation for peuk of her own???

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