The Key to Happiness



2 thoughts on “The Key to Happiness

  1. money holds the “key” to many happy “ness” no person who is poor believes the old saying “money cant buy happiness” because we know that money can buy a lot of happy. if the wealthy folks are saying money cant buy happiness, they’re spending it wrong let me have half of all their riches and i will show them a list of happy lol

    • I know eh? I’d much sooner be on a cruise ship than sitting here right now! I just put this up because Joan died recently. I know happiness comes from within and from your friends. I remember not wanting to come home as a child. And all I had to play with was my imagination… Imagination! We can’t underestimate it. Sometimes pretending you’re rich can be better than the real thing, with which goes tremendous responsibility and danger that someone will kill you for your cash. So, in some ways. I really feel better off knowing who my friends really are.

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