I’m A Shih Tsu

I’m a Shih Tsu;

I wake up early in the morning!

And then I like to chew upon your shoe…


I buried it too;

Just as the sun got warming!

And then I ripped the sole right out of you…


CHORIS: Elderberry wine;

Drinking all my time!

Cause theirs a Shih Tsu, living, in my brain…


CHORIS: I never even knew;

What I had to do,

To keep my Master’s plan from going through!


CHORIS: Sentimental Pine;

Chewing on my line!

Cause there’s a Shih Tsu. living, in my brain!


Yes I’m a Shih Tsu, driving you insane…

Cause I’m a Shih Tsu!  Yeah! Yeah!

Shih Tsu!




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