Peace, Love and Understanding



8 thoughts on “Peace, Love and Understanding

  1. I’m glad you posted this. I’ve recently read some revisionist history that enumerates Lennon’s failres as a person. The problem is that these are the same failures that he shared with most of his cohort. The point was that he evolved beyond his misogyny and macho — He was human,

    The question is not whether we are ever perfect, because there is no “perfect”. The question is whether we have the intellectual courage to question ourselves.

    Lennon had that courage. I’ve yet to see it in his critics.

  2. Thanks for the reblog! Most gracious… I completely agree with what you’re saying too! Why is it we always kill the good ones and the bad ones seem to go on forever? People fear going to Hell… I think we’re in it! Thanks again: that’s 2 thank you’s for the price of one :O)

    • Oh? I always thought Paul was more the control freak of the bunch… I’m in a band that does a lot of The Beatles music. I take after John in voice and style, and am the only composer in the band! A friend of mine I’ve known since we both were 7 years old, takes after Paul… He’s a control freak as well. Not to burst your bubble! Just thought you should know, that’s all. We call ourselves ‘The Decrepit’. BTW, we mimic many other bands and compose our own stuff as well. If they don’t do what I have in mind, I shoot them! LOL! Just in the knee :O)

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