A Freeman God

_A Freeman-God


4 thoughts on “A Freeman God

    • I’d say he’s just a tad on the arrogant side… You can’t really blame him when it’s under exterminating circumcisions though. After all, lots of famous people think they’re God. He Hosts a show on The Science channel called: ‘Through The Wormhole’ about Astronomy, Physics, Robotics, Aging: anything to do with science pretty well. Maybe it was his own narration that convinced him.

      • All I have to do is to look at one flower and stare at its perfection, to know, to really know, there is a Higher Intelligence. In times of trouble, I wouldn’t want to “call” upon myself to help, for I am the very one in need of help. Some people need to hang out with Mother Nature more to begin to SEE and KNOW what IS. Yes? (smile)

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more if I were a flower myself! OK… That didn’t come out the way I wanted it to! Let me put it this way. The odds of life having started on it’s own, even with all the necessary amino acids arriving on some asteroid or comet, are zero to the minus thirty sixth power! It would be more likely for a tornado to start in a corner of your living-room: too small to consider :O)

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