An Invisible God

_An Invisible God


8 thoughts on “An Invisible God

    • Mmmyeah… If you say so… I went to try and find some videos cuz I seen he was holding a microphone. But they were all in French: every last one of them. Now I’m beginning to wonder if he even wrote the silly thing. Happy to hear you chime in Gale :O)

    • Yes pet! I think peeps are still thinking. It’s what they’re thinking about that really troubles me! I can feel their icy fingers up and down my spine… Just read an excellent blog about how Politicians put on a big show concerning global warming, yet are only making things worse :O(

      • As with you, it concerns me greatly in which directions most peep’s think. If you can even call it that. Where has common sense gone, I ask you? Where has wisdom gone? Where has the ability to SEE the NOW and to know that what is happening NOW is only going to get worse IF directions are not changed? Why else do you think (no pun intended) that I have my head in flowers most of the time? And then there are those occasions when I am blown up like the Michelin Tire man trying to get out of my car door when one of my feet doesn’t want to get over the threshold. Really!

  1. That’s a good point you make Amy! I think a little of the insanity of the present worldly state of affairs is beginning to rub off on all of us… Wouldn’t be a shabby blog entry either: ‘Are we all going mad?’ I too try to divert myself from the shear tonnage of foolishness befalling humanity… Eleswise, I’d be running around naked, screaming, and waving a banana! LOL!

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