Three Signs My Brother Died…


This is an important blog entry about my brother Vernon who just passed away as of Feb. 23rd at the age of 69.  We were informed of this by the Police knocking at our door at 3:30 am. the morning of Feb. 26th.  I intend not only to paint a picture of just who my brother was, but also to show the mysterious way in which God works with us, and that He intends to keep us, no matter what we’ve done on this screwy, backward rotating rock, and why this is so.  My purpose, is to soften your hearts via how things really are, as apposed to how they often ‘appear’ to be, and to have Vern’s legacy of kindness, understanding and generosity toward all of Mankind live on.  This is so important a part to me, because his humanitarianism was the least understood thing about him, to whomever chanced to cross his path…  Also of corpse, as a Testimony to our loving God, as: ‘A Tale of The Christ…’

_A colorful bird

Appearances are often deceptive!

This was sign # 1:

Christ relayed to me in a most unusual way because it was in such a round about fashion.  He’s a very busy guy, so he doesn’t always relay things to us himself, but rather via the 60 billion some odd Angels at his beckoned call.  Whenever something very important happens in my life, he always speaks to me in three’s.  Not just sure why: perhaps that’s just what it takes to penetrate this thick skull of mine.  Anyway, the signs are always very distinct, and in no way can ever be misinterpreted or passed off as mere coincidence by the time he’s done with me.

On my brother’s B-Day, which occurred on February 11th., I was being plagued in my mind, for some two weeks prior, to get in contact with my brother, after some 20 years of separation: to make amends with him, and reestablish contact that we’d lost.  This was not a mere prodding, yet rather, an insistent urgency that his time with us was short!  So I did…  On that day, I went into my e-mail and received an entry from a local friend that was registered on Facebook.  So I went there to read the rest of it, and there as the very first entry on Facebook, was this beautiful bird…

Underneath, the caption read: ‘What Artist could possibly compare with this?’  I was all ready with one of my smart ass answers like: ‘Pablo Pick-Ass-Hole!’  Yet something, or rather, ‘someone’ intervened, and I instead imposed the question: ‘God?’  It wasn’t to be until all three signs were delivered to me, that I realized it had came from this Angle that said:  ‘Though your brother looks Massive enough to have three moons orbiting him: ‘Elder Baron, Glutinous Maximus, and Slam Dunk’, this is how he looks on the inside!’  This very unusually beautiful bird was later to drive me to tears for ever having been disgusted with him, when it was what life had done to him that I should have been disgusted with al along!  That way, I most assuredly would not of vanquished him!

Judge not, lest ye be judged!

This was sign # 2:

_A Job

We are incapable of judging others because of the immense number of prejudicial influences imposed upon us most every single day of our lives!  We discriminate against God, Men, Women, Cultural differences, Gays, Pedophiles, the food we eat, the clothes we wear, pollution, the fishing industry, war, peace, dogs, cats, you name it!  In fact, we are engulfed in small mindedness from the moment we are born, that what appears to be, is so, and what is hidden from us, are lies, when in fact, it’s the very opposite that really reveals the truth!  Namely, that we are all made from the same tattered cloth…

On the day my brother died, my Common Law Wife came in to awaken me, and I was laying on my back, with my mouth gapping wide open!  I was a ghastly shade of grey, and didn’t appear to be breathing!  She thought for certain that I was dead!  Here was a judgment call that by all intents and purposes, appeared to be one way, yet was truly another!  When she told me, I now was truly alarmed that something was not all well in Paradise!

Am I my brother’s keeper?

This was sign # 3:

Vern with new car

This is the best picture I could find of my brother Vern from his Facebook Timeline.  Actually I called him: ‘Fern’ whenever I called to him, and he thought I was saying his name.  Little did he know I had named him after a plant…  My brother was a pedophile because of what my Father did to him, and because my Mother’s answer to this, was to place Vern in: ‘The Orillia Ontario Hospital’ from the age of 14, to 21.  The sign on the door may just as well have read: ‘Breeding Ground for Pedophiles!’  That was 7 years I will never recapture…  Nor do I have a desire to do so!

The moral is, that we are never to judge who someone is, or rather, how they got to become who they are, because this terrible thing he inherited, was a learned behavior: as real, and all encompassing to him, as how naturally you use a fork to eat with!  We are NOT to judge them!  Our job is to help them: to repair the awful traumatic damage that they themselves suffered to so drastically change them!  To love and understand them, because they are who need that from us the most!  Turning our backs on them, or exacting retribution only makes things worse.

When the Police dawned on my door at that time in the morning, I felt certain I was going to jail!  I had no clue what for. I just figured that could be the only possible reason.  Even when they asked me: ‘Do you have a brother named Vernon Everett?’  And: Does he live at Blah Blah?’  I still thought: ‘What trouble has his partner gotten him into now?’  Then The male of the two said: ‘I regret to inform you that your brother has deceased…’  Well that threw me 2 feet back into the back of my chair!  Not because of shock, but because the three signs had been confirmed!

The third sign came into the sign of a lesson really…  I called his best friend from Victoria B.C. in an attempt to recover some memories of Vern that I had missed.  To my utter surprise and amazement, he had been named Executor of The Will, and arrived here without it: only saying that he and Vern had signed all the money over to him, and he was instructed to give us $10,000 from the 80,000 left to him.  A Will he couldn’t find, that was never registered, and he wanted us to sign on the dotted line in triplicate form?  Oh this was all very fishy to everyone but me…

Everyone chattered about me all about how this man was a snake stealing my inheritance right out from under my nose, while they all clamored about to claim his possessions…  I’m sure you know the routine.  Yet it wasn’t I my brother knew best.  It was the man who accepted him for what he was when nobody else would!  I lost friends when I was anywhere near Vern.  Yet this man brought him friends, and gave him an extended life my brother otherwise never would have had!  So I signed over the money, and made my best friend, and wife, put their clammy, sweaty hands to it too!

So you see my delicate flowers?  It’s not what he left behind materially that was important, but the great generosity with which he treated everyone in real life!  It was his odd ball, naturally funny personality, his great love for all of Mankind, and the beautiful, and somewhat unique bird that was within him…  So the third sign really came after his death:  that no matter who others think we are, if God loves us enough to prepare us for what’s coming, that means He loves him as well!  And we, all of us but his true friend, the tyrant blood sucker, should have loved him more!



11 thoughts on “Three Signs My Brother Died…

  1. Reblogged this on galesmind and commented:
    I am so sorry for your loss and for his. I don’t think anyone consciously decides to be a pedophile it is a disease that can be inherited and needs to be kept in check. His passing is no less tragic for you because of anything he did or didn’t do. We had relatives that took advantage of my father in law when he was sick from cancer and old and we took care of him. Because of that my husband lost part of his inheritance from his grandfather. We don’t blame him It is disappointing but it is. I applaud your graciousness and God’s kindness in giving you those signs. I hope that your brother has the peace that this world did not give him. As far as his heaviness sometimes people gain the weight to keep people away. He shouldn’t be judged for that either. I am sure life was no picnic for him. Thank you for this lesson in caring and honor.

    • Thank you Darling one! You always know what to say with such eloquence that attracts others to you as a moth to a flame… Your words are of great comfort to me! Posting is difficult right now with how I’m feeling, and all that still needs to be done. I’m sure I’ll slowly recover, yet have been somewhat numbed out for now. We can’t even afford to pay proper respect and he still lays here rotting among us until his affairs can be brought in order. Namely, the registration of The Will. His friend Michael returns to B.C. tomorrow. I do hope he will find it and register that right away! Without it, everything will go to The Government.

      Thank you again for your accounting of your husband and his Grandfather! Again, it just points out to me that this wicked, money grabbing world does not get the better of us all thank goodness! I wish they’d all just leave me alone to grieve… Your kind words are tucked away in my heart as always. Be careful, or I may just hug a microchip :O)

      • The people that pulled this on us did so when we finally took a weekend away from taking care of him. One’s husband died. The ring leader died a horrible death from cancer. The rest have had their children in failed marriages. When you send out negativity like that it comes back. That is why I try to send out the most positive vibes into the universe. You may sleep well my friend as I do. Doing the right thing has it’s own rewards. Money can be a good thing. It can also be a source of evil. It is our choice how we use it. I hope your brother is laid to rest soon. It is only a container though and I am sure he is with God or part of the universe. I am not wise enough to know which. Bless you for caring about him.

  2. I am sorry for your loss, I must tell you, I have never read a more beautiful, honest, heartfelt eulogy, I had tears in my eyes, (I have a very small family). Also the judgement, your right we all do. Who am I to judge anyone? Again I am sorry for your loss, prayers are with your family.

    • Thank you very much for saying this. It has moved me deeply! So pleased it touched you so! Am curious as to what the acronym NIBSIH stands for… Hmmm! An enigma wrapped within a puzzle… I’m most especially grateful for your prayers!

      • Normal Is Boring So I Heard

        – I use to complain to my ex husband, “Can we just be normal?”, he would say “Normal is boring”. Well my entire existence with him is not normal or boring. I initially was going to blog about about how I believe he has several narcissistic psychopathic traits, and how the court appeases him, etc. But after reading so much, and not caring about him anymore, (there are great bloggers, here on WP, why should I write!). I am much more interested in reading information and stories, than what he is doing or our dumb past. I just pray for my children. The drama goes on, I am just at the bus stop watching, because he is also a addict. I hope he doesn’t crash…ugh and the women. See why I don’t talk about. So I heard people say normal is boring, yet never experienced it!

        People are people, (as you wrote today), even my ex, I have indifference toward him. I try not to be angry, on my children’s behalf. They are my world, to him a way to hurt me. It’s okay, I already forgave him, my children. Not so much. They will be in therapy, sigh forever.

        NIBSIH. 😊

    • Thank you for your kindness! You sound like a humble person. Moses was the most humble man who ever lived according to God, and among His most favored of all Mankind. So though others may mistake you for some kind of Sucker they can use and abuse, you do stand in good company!

      I don’t think we need to change everyone. Some are quite capable of doing so for themselves. And when the time is right for them, they will. If we can change but one person though, (not saying that’s possible. LOL!) are we not the sum total of everyone we’ve ever met or known? I do know one thing. We are ONE stubborn group of misfits!

      I think the trick lies in pointing out what factors change us all, rather than pointing at any particular fault in anyone. People SO hate to be told they’re wrong. And I don’t blame them. The connotation behind that, is that they’re either blind or stupid. And we both know neither one is the case.

    • Thank you very much! Yesterday, I went and collected the rest of his belongings, and sprayed them all down with Lysol. The place is a bio-hazard, so tomorrow, the health units are moving in to sterilize the place! Hope I didn’t contract anything, so I’m off on my run today… Thanks again for your thoughtful comment!

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