A Great Poverty



6 thoughts on “A Great Poverty

    • Thank you loved one! Was planning on paying you a visit today. I have to jump in via your avatar because you never show up on my Reader. I have a scathingly brilliant idea though. I’m going to make a new folder in my Internet Explorer entitled: ‘Blogs I know and love’ and put the people who don’t show up in there, so I can at least see what they’re up to… More than one way to skin a cat :O)

      • Hehehehehehe I have a few of those on my computer. You know what would be wonderful? If WP would FIX the reader so that all the blogs that have posted that day that you follow, up to that time we are reading the Reader, are listed. There would be a refresh option to bring in the Reader more blogs as the day passed. I try to get to the blogs that come here to Petals, but on some days my “real Life” doesn’t leave me enough time to do so. WP fixes those things that don’t need to be fixed, and yet those things that really need improvement, they don’t address. Hmmmm ….. Interesting ….. 😉

    • Lassy? Are you of Scottish heritage by some remote chance? Just wondering, because I am… The reblog always makes me dance The Macarena! Add to this, if anybody even shows up here with a comment, I rush right over to their blog, and follow them until they’re sick of me!! So by being a friend, you have gained one! YAY! One for the team!

      • lol I know just how you feel.I live in Scotland but was born in Slovenia.Anyone even looking at my blog and yep same as you.
        Niece to meet you,may we all become excellent masters of the word or in my case at least a wordsmith of some kind.

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