Just a Second



6 thoughts on “Just a Second

    • Just a second. Perhaps I can assist you in your decision. You may be confusing impatience with an acquired ability to be more selective: We see successful young people more because they are the exception rather than the rule. People tend to attain success later on in life because of their ability to envision long term goals more clearly.

      Who are the impatient? Someone who says they’ll come back to the bank when it’s less crowded? Or those who choose to wait in line anyway because they have to have it now? Is it the child who reminds the parent to be patient, or the other way around? People become grumpy between the ages of 70 and 90 because of natural selection, not because of impatience. They just now live in a world where their selection is very limited. The key words of this post are the first three: ‘It is strange’, so things aren’t always what they seem to be. What say you now?

  1. i was just thinking these things the other day like how we say “ripe old age of ” ripe means fully prepared and ready fullness full of knowledge and wisdom. just when our body starts to give out sadley thats when our mind and spirit is ripe and ready and full of wisdom to move ahead sad so sad

    • I’ve always said that everything in life is backwards: Better we should be like Benjamin Button. Live our lives from old to young, and gradually become an idiot, instead of all at once.

      I stopped by on you the other day. Got right to the foot of your stairs, and then thought better of invading your privacy for some reason I can’t quite fathom. Call it a feeling: a restlessness. I just thought it might be a bad time… Odd how we sometimes get premonitions. More likely, a sense of impending doom! LOL!

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