The Pursuit of Happiness



6 thoughts on “The Pursuit of Happiness

    • It just shows to go you that lives are not predetermined. So often I hear the complaint : ‘No matter what I do, I’m doomed to failure! God must have it in for me…’ In point of fact, it is us who sabotage ourselves. Usually when we’re closest to victory, is just when we give up. That was an excellent movie! Have you ever seen: ‘7 pounds?’ That’s another good one from Will Smith! I like that his characters always carry some object lesson about life. One of my favorite Actors. I believe him to be a good man in person as well… Call it a hunch, yet I’m not usually wrong about people. Thank you for your comment! Adds to the flavoring :O)

      • YES!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE 7 POUNDS!!!!!! That movie is so touching and incredible. I completely agree with you! WE MAKE our own destiny! It is not predetermined! I cry every time I watch The Pursuit of Happ(y)ness. Great minds think alike 🙂 I hope he is a good man! 🙂

  1. LOL! Yes I can see that. I can feel your electricity from HERE! But then, I’ve always recommended enthusiasm highly. It’s a great motivator! And it tends to rub off on others as well :O)

    • Trouble is, like you, I’m mostly broke all the time, or I would assist you… Many people have had great success posting their predicament over the Internet. Perhaps that’s the way to go? At the first of the month, you could get a post office box for that, to give to them. That way, you need not give out any personal information…

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