Shrunken Heads


New Hope for Depressoids!

Here’s a picture of me staring at my computer screen.  LOL!  Fighting depression has never been easy.  They give you pills for it that dispense with the rage you constantly feel, yes.  They also remove any other feelings you may have, such as joy, compassion, love, enthusiasm etc..  This pretty much leaves you in a non-caring zombie like state that’s not so much a solution as it is a prison sentence!  The terrible truth about those who are being treated for depression is, that we are effectively: ‘turned off.’  That’s the best medical research has been able to do for us.  That is, until now!  You just never know when doing your research will give you a fighting chance…

One thing researchers have always known is that depression causes shrinkage of the brain.  Or is it that shrinkage of the brain causes depression?  I’m confused already!  Being raised in poverty among arguing alcoholics, and street gangs means that I’ve always been depressed but didn’t know it until adulthood.  So yes:  what you don’t know CAN hurt you!

The effects of smoking and drinking kills neurons in the brain and we once believed they could never be brought back, whether you quit doing those things or not.  We now know that Omega 3 can slow down brain shrinkage, and in some cases, even completely stop it.  Unfortunately, it can’t reverse it.

New research has found another substance in front of our very noses that conclusively affirms that sage not only stops this degeneration in it tracks, it builds new neurons in your brain!  Other beneficial effects include thwarting the onset of Diabetes, Parkinson’s, and old-times disease!  It also removes subcutaneous, and the far more viscous inner viscous fat, fights stress, and lowers cholesterol levels!  So it might be noted that it’s also greatly of benefit for so called healthy individuals as well.  Also found good for this, is 8 ounces of pomegranate juice per day.

How Might One Use Sage?

You can put it in soups, sprinkle it in omelets, on baked fish or chicken, and of corpse, in stuffed turkey dressing.  Fresh sage should be loosely wrapped in a bag and kept in the veggie drawer of your fridge.  Keep bottled sage powder or crushed leaves in a cool place (like your cupboard) and is good for up to three months.  Sage is a delicate herb, so to obtain it’s full effect, it’s best to use it near the end of the cooking process…

So depressoids everywhere should run out and buy some sage to start bringing back those missing neurons, and stop head shrinking!  Healthy people?  Be on the look out for people with shrunken heads!  LOL!



3 thoughts on “Shrunken Heads

      • I think it is great. My mother was bipolar or manic depressive as it used to be called. I am interested in anything that will help depressive illnesses. As you see I am using my photo per your advice. Should be interesting!! It was my pleasure to reblog your article.

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