Don’t Give Up


The story goes that while attending University, Stephen and a group of other considered advanced students were given 10 physics questions to complete in two weeks.  While the other students feverishly racked their brains for solutions to the problems, Stephen calmly went about what he loves the most…  Rowing!

As the dead-line drew near, the other students drew Stephens attention to the fact that these questions were really hard!  They emphasized that the time allotted to them was drawing to a close, and he hadn’t even looked at the questions yet!  The night before it was time to turn their answers in, Stephen sat himself down and quickly jotted down the answers…

The other students laughed at and taunted him, exclaiming that he had put no effort into this what-so-ever and was bound to fail miserably.  When the results came in, Stephen had gotten all of the questions correct, and the next best result from anyone in the group, all brain-storming together, was two answers right.  THAT’S how smart this man is!  God never takes something away, but that He doesn’t give back in return!


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