Black hole of the mind

Gale is a new found friend with: ‘A Beautiful Mind’ that I have quickly come to appreciate knowing! After reading this, you will too!


black hole ocean

Mind dark black
swirling in session
empty and cloying
That is depression.

Trapped in a dark place
deep and dark
Lost in space
Leaves it’s mark.

Darkness never ending
sliding further down
pushing and sending
spinning vortex around and around.

Off tilt and whirl
the world in end
in a ball curl
meaningless blend.

You can never understand
this isn’t normal or fine
This is the land
Of the depressed mind.

Reaching out trying
Holding on day by day
There is no denying
That this is the way.

Some people live here
Paroled now and then
To enjoy those dear
but then to descend.

Back down to this place
Again and again
Back up they crawl in space
Begging the mind to mend.

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