Strength in Pieces



19 thoughts on “Strength in Pieces

    • The reasoning from this definitely makes sense to me. Though it’s a little like throwing chips up into the air. Yes it’s precisely where the chips land that counts, yet I have little or no control over that. One day they may land in all the right places. The next they may not. I do take actions and pep talk myself into better moods, yet if I were to lay off my meds., I would just go berserk. It’s not so much bad or negative feelings now that bother me so much as not having any feelings at all, attributable to the pills I can’t stop taking, or that invisible wall will certainly crush me once more! It’s more a matter of persistence on my part, to dig deep for compassion, and find poetry one of my best options presently…

      Thank you for reblogging me! Don’t be a stranger :O)

    • Thank you for reblogging me Gale! Have you thought about giving yourself a face? You’d be more trusted around wordpress if you did. I’ll be happy to visit you anyway. You’ll find many other uplifting posts on this blog Gale. Being depressed has a spring-boarding effect on me, and tends to make me concentrate upon thinking positively :O)

      • I had my photo used in Facebook by a troll in a not so nice pizap so I never use my photo. My writing is not so much to be trusted as enjoyed. Nothing nefarious there. If folks don’t want to follow me it is fine with me. Thank you for the suggestion but once burned twice cautious.

      • I tend to agree! The opposite is also true… Some of my best friends to be, show up in my spam que, and they don’t have faces either. That’s why I allow them in. I don’t feel you have to be part of the wordpress clique to appreciate a blog, and I’ve always suspected they were only protecting their reputations. I fully understand. I have to come back and make certain I’ve check-marked the silly: ‘Follow’ thingy at the top of your blog… Just my opinion, but I believe if you’re willing to comment on someone’s blog, WordPress should make it an ‘Understood’, that you’re following them… Cheers! And thanks for the speedy reply!

    • I admire your observational skills! I’m tougher meat now. And the grizzle has been removed… Stupidity isn’t part of depression either. It’s sobering to say the least. To say the most, it deepens our perspective, compassion for others, and turns us into explorers! One thing a depressoid always inevitably does, is look inside and assess what they need to do to improve upon themselves: Perhaps even genius in disguise, because, sensing vulnerability, it especially causes us to hone up on our street smarts!

    • Just look at all the likes steaming! I hit the jackpot, and it’s not even original! I couldn’t be happier! Yes I could… It does look hand crafted at that. And here I was hoping my poem with great, hidden meaning, would grab the attention. I know it’s because depression is so controversial! Lesson learned! Leave it up to me to frown upon my own success. Eh?

      • i got your note about duplicate widgets whatever that is. i tried your recommendation and cant do it. it doesnt work. i cant geet rid of these widget things i never even put them there in the first place. ***sigh ** so frustrating nobody cam e to read it in days since i made it anyway i give up. im gonna get rid of it. i knew nobody would give a crap about what i have to say. *sigh * nothing matters to anyone anymmore im so frustrated

      • It’s not going to happen over night. It’s just not that simple. I can stop by and fix up your site for you. No worries… There’s techniques to develop, and skills to acquire. You need to have some faith in your own ability to adapt and overcome problems. That’s therapeutic for you… Trust in me? I’m your friend!

    • I know how really awful it can be! Sometimes you can even question yourself if it’s really worth hanging around on this rock anymore…

      Is there such a thing as a left and a right sock? Your left brain can take over where your right brain fails, because they are identical. As often as I say to myself that I don’t want to do it, I counter with: ‘That’s my depression talking!’ So I do it anyway… I may not like it, but I do it anyway. LOL! I don’t always succeed at that, but far more often than not now. So now I have some amount of control of the state of my moods :O)

  1. tnx D dont come over tho im not going to use it anymore. it was theroputic but nobody read it or anything anyways i want an intelligent conversation with some ppl but nobody cares about what i say . i give up best regards

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