A Painting

Emerald greens splash in plaster scene skies

Laced with a subway of sound

Sunflowers yellow all waving good byes

Just where they’ll never be found


A line up of crows turn on Jacksonville urns

cackles on canvas so blue

A sign up where glows jaded jackal lanterns

Says they’ve been shackling you


If we could see what’s been painted on us

The sunshine would light up so free

Instead we be muddled by grumbles and fuss

That one time lit our family tree


Passionate pink on a troubling soul

Doubling each passing hour

A bubbling blink with a cast a net goal

Cuddling peach on a tower


A line up at shows with meaningless plots

Paints colored Plexiglas hue

With rows upon rows of gleaming less pots

Taints what casts ever so true




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