Why Your Blogs Lay Dormant

Whoever said life was fair?


You’ve got 40 million WordPress.com users out there!  Out of those, how many of them do you really think are honest and don’t prefer a rigged game, if and when they can find one?  I started out when blogging was brand new!  In those days, if you put up a post about Bugs Bunny, people would flock all over it!  In those days, we were the pioneers.  Were the ones who kept blogging alive.  Without us mapping the road, this platform wouldn’t even be here today.  And I’ll tell you something else.  One day very soon, you’re going to have to pay to be here whether you’re ever noticed or not…  Whoever said life was fair?

I was out taking pictures using actual manual settings in the days when most of you could only understand the need for an instamatic through-away, just in case someone showed up for your sons birthday party you paid 3 million dollars to have occupy the cover page of The New York Times… 

Today, everybody takes pictures right off their cell phones.  The people in the picture above, are actually all brain-storming a single blog they all take credit for!  There are many groups out there just like them, walking all over your chances.  It would have left Einstein himself scratching his head at why he’s never read, or even considered worth reading!  You don’t even need to save great pictures anymore.  What’s the need to?  They’re out there everywhere!  You can look at them any time you like, right from where they are, or just pop it up on your screen until you’re sick of it because everyone has unlimited Internet access now…

So you try to be original!


Sorry!  You’ve been beaten to the punch again.  Many people now will pay out big bucks for the information they need, so they hire people to write their ‘original’ material for them, and take all the credit for themselves.  And I’m talking about stuff that nobody knows or has access to.  Besides, most people have never picked up a book in their lives unless they were trying to get their Masters Degree, and then it was just ‘Bickers’ cheats so they could get samples of the test questions.

I’m not stupid!  I’ve seen how dismal The Reader looks!  And I watch my stats enough to know that you don’t think you have enough time to read more than 60 words a day, and that’s why all of my likes and yours (unusual und 5 though I supposedly have over 260 followers, which is in itself chicken feed for someone who’s been here blogging his brains out for over two years now), are all about famous, one liner sayings and an accompanying picture anyone can pull off the Internet and put up in less than five minutes.  That’s not blogging!  That’s called: ‘Getting away with BS’!  And you want people to comment on your blog sure enough, but you never comment on theirs…

Anyone for butchered meat?


Here is what you look like to bloggers who wave thousands of viewers…  To them, you are nothing more than a commodity that can be bought or sold: taken or hung out to cure.  The truth of the matter is, soon robots will be doing everything for us, so you won’t even be able to get a job, let alone be any kind of presence on The Internet!

Someone once asked me what do I care whether anybody notices me here or not?  That’s because to him, it’s all just a game!  They care no more about leaving a legacy of helpful information behind for others than they would a crumb for a starving mouse!  They believe the oh so many expensive toys they have to leave behind will speak all the volumes they need say to those important around them:  Their dog, and a possible semen sample to bring back a clone of themselves…

The laws, rights and privileges designed to protect your average individual are just about dead now!  Voice?  You have no voice!  The only thing you have is three square meals and a roof over your head: the very same things readily provided to any inmate in prison.  And in this world of material this, and material that, you’re just about as pertinent. 

Read blogs?  How boring, when there’s a concert to go to!  How fruitless, when there’s so much money to be made!  How mundane when you’re going to be late for your world cruise!  And how time consuming when all you really need do is pick up a phone, and avoid all the effort of having to think altogether!  Blogs?  Why didn’t you know?  We’re all just a bunch of attention seekers, and no more important to you than an ant a good tin of insecticide won’t take care of.  Oh…  Excuse me…  We’re not that immediate.  You can just click us off with but a single key stroke… Petty humans!  So that’s why your blog lies dormant.  You don’t matter…



30 thoughts on “Why Your Blogs Lay Dormant

  1. Reblogged this on galesmind and commented:
    Sad. You have a lot of good points but i will continue to natter away on my blog. I enjoy it. Odd reason for a blog I know but I never had the time or had my brain fried by a job pushing papers from one side of the desk to the others. Now I can natter away and some folks enjoy my stuff. Make me happy. Would I like more views? Well hell yes but that isn’t the reason why I do it. I think I am better off that way. Thoughtful post though. Sadly I think thinking, writing and rattling around in your own brain is out of fashion. What a loss for the world.

    • I tried to reply, and the page crashed entirely. LOL! This post got the whole world up in arms, and that’s a good thing. It’s something other than silence… You have over 3000 followers Gale! Try sitting in my chair, and all that ‘nattering’ I do, really DOES sound like you’re talking to yourself! With likes and comments galore, you at least have some idea of what people think of your post, and can grow from that. Without it, you’re left to stumble in the dark really.

      Just the same, you have been commenting here, and I value that very highly! I consider you a dear friend now, and so greatly appreciate the interaction we have together. That, to me, is priceless! And so are you :O)

      • Oh heavens I wish I only have around 300 followers but I treasure every one of them. I also consider you a friend and respect your skill. Thank you. You are very kind. I try to comment on peoples posts. I love when they comment on mine I learn what works and what doesn’t. I am amazed at the skill and the intelligence of blogs like yours and others. I get as much joy from reading as writing. There is a lot of competition now. I think sometimes that is why numbers are down for some from before. Just so much to read so I don’t take it personally if people skip mine for anothers. I just try to figure out why.

    • Oh there is! Still… Kinda… LOL! Take heart! Positive posts haven’t been doing anything in the way of response, so naturally, the only alternative left, is the negative side of things which is just as real in the in which we live. In point of fact, the entire universe is just about equal in it’s share of matter and anti-matter. When they meet, they annihilate each other and you’re left with nothing, which is neither good nor bad. It is what it is… Nothing… At least this way, I can stir up some lions, and at least speak with them. If nobody ever complained, nothing would ever change. Yes?

      • Well I suppose if it’s all about the numbers, then writing something “out there” will work, but as excited as I am to see that someone viewed my site, I still am writing my blog because I want to do it, not because I want numbers. But then again, that’s exactly what the premise of my blog is – oh2bhuman – we are all different creatures on this thing called Earth.

      • Yes I think we are different at that: shaped by the differences in what we experience through this life, as varied as any cloud formation in the sky. Having another’s point of view helps us to grow in a more positive way! Thank you!

  2. I do it for me…The blogging game is less rigged than the publishing houses were. When I was writing in the 90’s my chances of being read were zero because I didn’t have the money to buy the agent to pitch the story so I could make fifty dollars on something that I spent a year to write.

    I think that our legacy is chosen by those who come after us. They will decide what they value…my job is to write what I saw, did and leaned….I can’t control the cheaters….they are everywhere and
    they’re job is easy. All they have to do is convince someone that the cheat is as good as a real win.

    Your points are truly on target..I don’t become dead meat until I sell out…That’s how I see it. Thank you for a thought provoking post.

    • So you’ve been where I am now. Good to know I’m not alone! That must have been so disheartening for you: all that work. That’s a good point about the dead meat there. The fact that I’m still here clawing and scraping means I’m not dead just yet. Something I should really consider in depth. Thanks again for pointing that out! ‘I’ve got one who can see!’ LOL! And thank you for an honest response Robert! That means a lot to me!

      • You can count on me to say what I honestly think…LOL. Someone once said that my head was like a gumball machine–whatever is rolling around in it comes dropping out..
        The fact about selling my work was that I was so pleased that someone wanted to give me money for my work that I rejoiced…it wasn’t until later that I did the math…Thank you for appreciating my reply. 🙂

  3. that is a sad point of view, I’ve been blogging a number of years at blogspot and just 1 year here on wp, I actually do spend a great deal of time reading other peoples blogs, be it 100 words or 5000 words, I read them, I usually leave a comment or a like when I am done, I blog about my life, no fancy how to help blog for me, blogging about my life (which is not spectacular or amazing, just average) is my legacy to the world, long after I am pushing up daisies my written words will be forever on the web in some obscure place , but it will be there none the less.

    • It’s not a point of view at all. I’m just pointing out ‘facts’ about this place, and a fact is a fact isn’t it? There’s nothing ‘fancy’ about how to help either. Lot’s of people want to help. You’ll find us everywhere! Sadness is also a fact in this world my friend. Two thirds of the world is starving to death! This is a cause to be cheery about, while we all pig out at buffets? Go ahead and be average if you want to be. I won’t stop you. I happen to aspire to something higher, that’s all. I’m pleased you leave comments and likes! That puts you in better standing than most! I value your comment, and thank you for sharing how you feel. At least I can see it moved you in one way or the other… Good point that you’re just leaving something of yourself behind! That’s my goal as well: not fame or glory! Just to be recognized, that’s all. I figure if I can take the time to compose a post, others can take the time to leave their say, however small or insignificant they may feel about it. Thank you for your honest response! I will take note.

      • it does bother me that most of the planet is starving,while we in north america live to excess, we throw away more food in any given week than most people see in a month or more, the world as a whole is in trouble, not just humans, but animals and plants, I may be just an average person (meaning I’m neither rich or famous ) I do try to do my part, waste less, recycle and reuse more, live according to my needs not my wants ( older car, smaller house) I doubt my efforts make any difference but I still try, about the only thing I truly strive for is to be the best parent i can be, I wish you great success in all your aspirations 🙂

      • I think what you do does matter. It matters very much! And it pleases me greatly to read that you are doing your part. You comment was right on the money! No! Off the money I mean. LOL! Oh darn! You know what I mean… All of us doing our own small part adds up to a one great, big part!

        I do have aspirations for a brilliant future I see slowly emerging for everyone! Yes, there’s hope for us all yet: each tremendous break-through promising a world free from sickness, poverty,pollution, and even death… I sincerly hope we might become friends because of a common interest. And I do admit, I may have been a tad confused the day of that particular post. Not always so bad! Positive posts just weren’t bringing me any comments, so that was just my idea of drastic action. Wasn’t referring to anyone specifically. Well, it got you to comment didn’t it? Now I know you better, know myself better, and I like that heaps and bunches :O)

    • That will depend largely upon your disposition and tenacity. I had to be here for two years before someone finally told me some valuable info. like Opera not having so many viewers as Explorer does, so it’s better I you Explorer, with more threat of hackers or not. That’s just how it is. And also, that I need to comment on other forums such as Facebook and Google+ and Twitter and such. That hadn’t crossed my mind at all, so I was struggling needlessly. Since you commented though, it gave you the chance to gather some useful information. Aren’t you glad you did?

  4. Just to be clear, some of us actually enjoy reading books, blogs and -gasp- even letters. I read the posts of the blogs I follow, why else would I follow them unless I enjoyed reading their thoughts and opinions? As for whether or not people read my blog, I was blogging long before wordpress and I will most likely continue to do so after. I find it rewarding and in fact, many of the people who followed my first blog, I befriended and we formed friendships later on other social media sites as well. I suppose for me it isn’t about the number of people who follow and/or read my blog, it is about the connections and conversations I have with those who do.

    • Well I’m not used to having any conversations or connections. I do gather what you’re saying though: It’s not a flea circus, and just because they don’t comment, that doesn’t mean that they’re just here to gawk at me! Thank you for that reassurance. I actually, truly needed that!

      But you had a chance to make friends didn’t you. How do you speak with ghosts may I be so bold to inquire? Still, there was something I could glean from the other side of the fence, where the grass always seems to grow greener for me. Don’t get me wrong. As a blogger, I feel obligated to take both sides of the argument anyway. I certainly don’t disrespect or envy your success here in any way, shape or form! Thanks for the boo, and I hope to hear from you again…

      • The friendships took a long time to develop, they start out as just names (ghosts as you call them) commenting on your blog. Then you start to notice those same names more frequently and notice their comments are thoughtful, as in they show the person actually read your post and isn’t just commenting to put their name out there. I enjoyed their comments so I sought out their webpages and/or blogs and more often than not, I found I enjoyed what they had to say. Over the course of time, I joined many in groups on other social media sites and enjoyed conversations not only with them but with others in the group and found we shared many similar interests. This ultimately led to becoming friends on more personal social media and getting to know even more about them, their spouses, their friends and more about their activities whether that was finishing up their latest novel or starting their own craft brewery.
        Don’t get me wrong though, I have had a few creepy stalker types and I get plenty of the web bot comments that are obviously made by a computer. And it is a sad fact sometimes that of the billions and billions online, I end up reaching such a small number of people that it wouldn’t even register as a percent of a percent of a percent. But hey, it’s definitely better than just talking out loud to my pets.

  5. My take from this is–Negativity. I’ll repeat it again–Negativity. I don’t understand how someone, that feels the deck is stacked against them–and all other bloggers–is still blogging after two years? If I felt that negative–I wouldn’t get out of bed in the morning. I have no delusions of grandeur about my blogging efforts. There are many better writers, photographers, historians, and whatever, out there, blogging. I don’t have a PhD, I’m not wealthy, I’m not good looking–so what? I don’t have time to worry about what everybody else is doing. I don’t have time for negativity, and refuse to be dragged down.

    • Yeah I heard you the first time. I’m a depressoid and have mentioned that fact on a few posts here: how to cope with it most especially. That’s another mistake. You don’t have the whole picture: just some fuzzy expectation that I have some form of delusional grandeur. Depressoids aren’t afforded that luxury I’ll have you know! I think you were dragged down! What’s your comment but negativity? That’s exactly right Sir. You don’t have time! I do get up in the morning, and always remember to thank God for the gift of a new day. As for what everybody else is doing? It’s what they’re doing that hurts them! Be off with you now, and don’t come back again! There’s a good soldier…

  6. Yet still we are out there, sharing our thoughts and connecting with other (hopefully real human) bloggers. Something I really enjoy. Liked reading your post and it’s for sure thought provoking…

    • Real faces (or real shadows, not geometric patterns) connected to real bloggers? Oh yes! What a wonderful difference! I got so desperate, I was answering the robots in my spam queue. LOL! I especially enjoy the ‘thoughts’ and ‘connecting’ part… And thank you for the compliment!

      Ya know? LOL! I’m really not: ‘being negative’ here. I’m simply pointing out some things that could affect us all negatively, if we fail to understand it, or close our eyes out of fear of things this seemingly intangible.

      I figure, how can they fight this stuff if they don’t know about it? Yet what truly strikes me here, is how anyone would shot the messenger: kind of like if you gave a King bad news, he’d chop off your head! Don’t shoot me though… I’m just the piano player, not the composer of the tunes we all dance by… I’m on your side!

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