Soft Backgrounds

Changing things up


On Don Charisma’s blog, he has a saying up right now that fits me to a: ‘T’, not to mention all the other letters of the alphabet…  It goes something like this: ‘You can never explore the ocean, until you have the courage to loose sight of the shore’ – Muriel Chen.  I’m just that kind of crazy hair pin that always wants to change things up!

Perhaps that’s why you’ll find me laying out instructions for you from time to time.  It’s not to boss you around, but to liberate you!  This entry must go into depth because it discusses braking free from a paradigm about blogging.  Now you can change up your backgrounds as readily as you do your shirt, but people seldom do, and always choose plain colored backgrounds so as not to distract the reader with fancy, deep colored backgrounds that distract the reader from the text. 

This is largely because very soft backgrounds are hard to find, and most of us work all day, so we just don’t have the time to hunt patterns down, download pattern files which all come in their own zipped folders.  Then place them all in Photoshop’s ‘Patterns’ preset folder, mark them all down so you don’t get them confused with the sets you already have loaded.  And then sift through them, deleting out all the frumpy looking ones, and finally changing them to very light, non-assuming web sized pages you can use.  Some even have to be cropped so they’ll tile vertically properly for you. 

Well I’ve done all that stuff for you, and it takes about 3 full days of work: and by full, I mean about 14 hours a day.  I’ve gone to great pains to make absolutely sure these will not distract from your writing at all: in fact, to make your blog look more crafted yet too subtle to be distracting at all!  Only the classiest have been chosen, and I have very good taste I might add!

Same old, same old…


Now I don’t know about you (Yes I do!), but I’ve been looking at the same, old theme on my blog for two years now, and I’m getting pretty tired of it!  So not only am I asking you to make the leap, I fully intend to do so myself.  Everything you have on the side of these, like categories, awards, links, feeds etc.. will stand out just fine.

All you need to know, is that they’re color coordinated, are all the regulation 1024 pixels width, and only 560 pixels long because you can choose to tile them vertically, which makes for very small files that load up lightning fast!  I fully intend to change them up as fast as my underwear (About every two weeks…).  Most hover between 50 and 85k which is next to nothing, and are high quality visually.

I started making these originally, to be unobtrusive backgrounds, screen size, in my case 1920 x 1080 for a project I’ll present to you later, also no charge.  Now these web backgrounds are all public domain, and even free to sell as long as you refer back to the designer.  They do the work, so I will refer you to the site I got them, at: ‘Deviant Art’. This way you can see how obtrusive they start out as… Others, I made myself and are not all that difficult to do, but that’s a separate tutorial altogether I’ll provide at a later date.

How to change your background


Go onto your Admin page and from the left hand column choose: Appearance/Backgrounds.  From there, you must first delete your original background: don’t worry, it’s probably still in your media folder.  Then just choose the new background from your drive, choose: ‘Center’ and ‘Tile Vertically’, and that’s all there is to it.  Think you can manage that?  It’s all pretty straight forward…

In another blog, I’ll give you the splash pages I’m making with these.  Well you wanted them, so at long last, here they are!  Be sure and download them all from the gallery so you’ll have lots of change ups, because I worked hard at them to get them just right, and because they really take up very little space.  Enjoy!  I know I will… Here are your soft backgrounds…  And if you’re nice little, girls and boys: cute little kiddies, I’ll even through in some matching Headers with some jazzed up quotes :O)


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