Berdych and Murray Clash During Semifinal Match

What was that you said?


Berdych treated us with a display of poor sportsmanship during his semifinal match with Andy Murray yesterday, at The Australian Open!  Both Berdych and Murray are engaged to be married:  Murray in October, to a girl who looks the spitting image of Jennifer Aniston, and I don’t know who’d be squirrely enough to marry Berdych.  Anyway, the camera gave us a close up of both women’s glitzy diamond rocks that rival Mount Rushmore!

Anyway, although Berdych has stepped up his game of recent times, he must have exchanged nuclear holocaust with his wife to be before the match because just before winning the first set he said something right nasty to Andy, and the two of them locked eyes in a way that if looks could kill, it was as if Andy was telling Berdych: ‘After the match, behind the statue of betterer Federer, I WANT YOU!!’  The Linesman, you know?  The tiny guy who sits in the high chair and makes all the calls?  He told Berdych that he wasn’t allowed to speak to Andy that way!

And this is not the first time either.  During the quarter finals with Nadal, he shushed the Spanish audience!  Nadal didn’t like it, and neither did the Spanish audience!  The man obviously has some kind of arrogant: ‘I’m better than everyone else, and my poop don’t stink’ chip on his shoulder he had better soon come to terms with, or his reputation is going bye-bye!  In fact, I think it’s already lost somewhere in Timbuck Three!

I’m aiming at your forehead!

Andy Murray_1

After that first set, Andy took Berdych back to school.  Not only did he out-maneuver Berdych he finished the second set:6 – 0 and it was apparent that Berdych was visibly shaken!  And so he should be!  All may still be fair in love and war, but prize money and big shot status or not, it’s still just a game and Thomas Berdych has an object lesson coming to him to man up to that fact.  Too bad if Murrays game just so happens to be better than yours!  That’s just the way the ball bounces…  Andy sent him packing and could faceoff against Novak Djokovic during the final…   BTW, during just one exchange with Berdych, Andy ran a total of 61 yards!  It was just one of those match ups no one will forget!  Cheers Andy!  Good mojo!


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