Make a Difference in the Writing Community

Absolutely exquisite, informative and intriguing read! Very valuable information for those so inclined for such an ambitious undertaking. I tried to write a book, got half way through and decided I didn’t like it. LOL! It was on stuff about designing web-sites I’d learned from tutorials, and so I felt more and more like I was just plagiarizing. Every single page had a stationery like appearance which I later decided was too distracting. I used InDesign CS3 which is very well equipped for the job, yet after chapter 4, I lost confidence and threw in the towel…

I so desperately want to comment and give likes to people who visit me but strangely enough, many of them don’t show up on my Reader and their gavitar page doesn’t include their websites. I find a few of them by using their names followed by but less than half :O(

Keep going! This article is beyond excellent I’d say, and falls more in the superb range… I’m reblogging you, with this comment attached, so people might plan their work out better before they begin writing. I believe this all important!

Tricia Drammeh

Most authors at one time or another have dreamed of taking the writing world by storm with a breakout bestselling novel. I’m sure most of us still harbor hope this will happen. Regardless of sales or monetary success, we can still make a difference in the writing community. Whether you’re published or still writing your first novel, you can make a huge impact. Here’s how:

  1. Make connections. I recently read an excellent blog post by Susan Toy that discusses online connections and engagement. When it comes to Twitter and blog followers, some people mistake quantity for quality. Would you rather have 100 followers who regularly visit and comment on your blog, or 1000 followers you never hear from again? A huge number of Twitter followers or Facebook Page likes might look good on paper, but what does it really mean if you aren’t making connections with people? Visit blogs and leave…

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