Plant your ideas firmly in your mind


‘Commit to the Lord whatever you do and your plans will succeed.’  Proverbs – 16 : 3


8 thoughts on “Plant your ideas firmly in your mind

  1. i have found his ,Gods) plans come true not mine . i’ve been plaqued with nightmares every time i sleep latley. murder rape children getting lost and its always because of the ‘mad man’ and/or my ex husband. the lions want to kill me, the raipist and murders are friends with them, they loose my children and cats, they intentionally make a mess of my dreams and screw up everything for me. i cant sleep without nightmares cant be awake without depression. thats just how it goes. Gods plans are to scare me into a stroke or heart attack my life is committed to God anyway. i just wish he would get rid of evil and let us live in peace and joy for once since adam and eve . i never ate the friggin forbidden fruit or killed able but here we are all of us paying for it. i cant figure out what jesus died for Our sins i suppose but how does that work we are still consumed by sin and evil here wtf?

    • Whether we ourselves touched the forbidden fruit or not, evil and sin has been passed down from generation to generation. Believe it or not, because we are backwards, it’s not joy and happiness that builds strength of character and forges wisdom from experience, but sadness and suffering. God must therefore love you in particular!

      What I see, is a very passionate, intelligent woman! One who’s creative insight and hard experience has taught me much! Do you not recall my telling you the importance of being very selective about what we allow to enter our minds and what we do NOT?

      If I said for instance: ‘Hmmm! Look at that big, steamy pile of Buffalo dung over there… Let’s go over and sniff it, squish it between our fingers and rub it in our hair. Would we not smell like Buffalo droppings all day? Would it sound like a sensible thing for you to do? Of corpse not!

      Well it’s the same damn thing when you dwell upon everyone else’s disgusting selves! What you choose to consider, greatly determines how you’re going to feel. I never said it was going to be easy either! You must practice consciously turning this stuff off or even removing yourself physically from it if and when you have to, to leave some space in your mind for more pleasant thoughts to enter… And it IS doable!

  2. First thing that comes to mind here:
    there’s a town on the New Jersey coast called Deal. I first read about it in a book called “Ghetto Nation” written by Cora Daniels.
    Going by some of the most recent figures available, the median home price in Deal is $699,000. That was in the third quarter of 2014.
    Median household income is $58,472.00.
    The seeming imbalance there was even more egregious when Ms. Daniels first drove through town accompanied by the local sheriff. This was back in the years when property values were through the roof. If I remember Ms. Daniels’ figures correctly, the median income was less than $60K while the median price of a home was above a million.
    Times have changed, real estate values are down, but there is indeed a current listing for a 3BR / 2BA home in Deal going for $849K.
    In driving through the neighborhoods a matter of blocks away from the beach Ms. Daniels saw five- and six-bedroom homes with pillars in front, balconies all around, perfectly manicured lawns and hedges trimmed into elaborate sculptures. A Lexus and Mercedes and AirStream in the driveway. A pool and tennis court in the side yard.
    She was fully aware of the town’s demographics, the discrepancy between home values and incomes, and asked the sheriff about it.
    He told her that if she were to walk in to many of those homes there was the distinct possibility only four rooms were completely furnished. Even marginally furnished.
    Couldn’t tell that from driving by.
    And as for all those five- and six-bedroom homes?
    The average family in Deal had no more than two children.
    Get the picture?

    back to your post.
    I know what you mean, and I get the discouraging feeling that more people are like that in a spiritual sense than in a worldly sense.
    Success in any sense should never depend upon someone else’s perception of what you have or don’t have.
    Or might have.
    Or might not.
    I’ve always striven for fulfillment more so than “success” ’cause I’m the only one who can make the call as to whether or not I’ve reached it.

      • Actually, there are far too many people who genetically connect money with success. Those who have influenced me the most have never made that connection.
        Matthew 19:24, f’rinstance.
        You see the carrots. So do I.
        Bunches of people out there only see the frilly leafs, not the part that contains the most nutrition.

  3. I know that passage well. Point well taken Prodigal Orphan! I foresee a day when money will no longer have to be the center of attention so much as the needs of others. ‘Things’ don’t talk back. These days, more are beginning to invest in ideas than in possessions. You bring to mind that sometimes I can misplace something, search the house high and low for it, end up where I started from, and there it is. It had been sitting right in front of me all along! Answers to what life throws at us, can sometimes be too simplistic for us to see at first. Things have a way off working out though.

    • People get set in their ways and old habits are hard to break. Most people keep there computers in their bedrooms for less distraction. Some people feel it a little creepy to start their day in the bedroom. Others just prefer their favorite armchair or the breakfast table. They grew up with news papers, and that’s perfectly fine: they sometimes symbolize how and where they got their ‘big break’ in life, so some consider them an old friend. paradigms are almost impossible to break. With the advent of hand held book readers and such, they can now comfortably sit on the thrown and read, so: ‘The Times… They are a changin’

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