How to Comment Without Really Trying

It has come to my attention through my stats page that most of you are acting like a flock of Lemmings wandering through a Flea Market rather than pushing on the pain-staking like button or leaving a comment at all!  Now I have a really informative blog here:

  •  I post about advances in Astronomy, Psychology, Nanotechnology, how to make intriguing blogs, information on designing and publishing your own web site.
  • I’ve posted extracts by the hundreds that you can simply drop into any picture you desire, that took a lot of effort to make for you!
  • Here, you will find hundreds of pictures from one of the best Canon Portrait Cameras ever made!  The Canon 5D.  Journalists use this camera!  And I have taken the time to remove every speck and enhance the rendition of every single shot in Photoshop.  And I use a tripod and cable release, so they’re all crystal clear!
  • I have featured many of you on my blog with many admirable recommendations…
  • I take the time and effort to comment extensively on as many of your blogs as I can get to on a consistent basis!
  • I have followed the rules places Headings in my blogs with lots of defining pictures and a whole slew of tags, and have taken special precautions not to display aggression, temper tantrums or foul language for the benefit of the women and children that may view.
  • There are many buttons, icons, headings, soft backgrounds and interfaces you’ll find under the category: ‘Graphic Design’.
  • I’ve given you instruction on how to design and publish your own web-sites!
  • The are numerous post, extensive ones on how to improve your health, live longer and advances in life extension!
  • I have dauntingly hung in with a total of 428 posts over two years, having just one or two likes and next to zippo comments!
  • I have hundres of spam comments, all with wonderful praises on my blogging expertise.  Only one problem.  They’re a bunch of Lemmings that only show up on two of my posts: ‘Dinosaur Extracts’ and a video on why we should revamp our educational system.
  • I’ve injected a sense of humor in many posts and tackled controversial topics elegantly!  I don’t know what else you could possibly ask for from me…
  • There are songs and short stories… And everything here is original!  I mean, good grief!
  • Oh yeah!  And I also put up a lot of those snappy picture quotes you facebook fanatics enjoy so much for their lame reading requirements…

Now I have more than paid my dues here, no thanks to you!  I’ve hung in for the long term anyway because I believe in advancing blogging as a medium presence on the internet.  I don’t ask for your attention to stoke my ego alone.  If you continue with this attitude of favoring only a very few bloggers, only pushing like buttons for the fun of it, and posting as little as you can possibly get away with, blogging promotions like WordPress will see their projects as complete flops and they will shut down!  Many talented bloggers have left already.  You still have a chance ( a slim one), to redeem yourselves.  I strongly suggest you take it!

Now I have switched over to using Internet Explorer from Opera because some spammers have suggested this may be my problem.  I don’t think it is, but I’ll give it a go.  If this doesn’t work, I’m leaving too.  BTW, you also mentioned the left side of my blog with all my awards on it, has been mostly cut off.  If you want to see them, turn off your favorites side-bar.  Another method I’ve suggested is to hit ctrl + to enlarge your view, and ctrl – to zoom out.  Thank you for your time, and I trust, co-operation…



9 thoughts on “How to Comment Without Really Trying

  1. Smiley face, happy face, laughing face, winkie face, Taylor Swift face, emotiface, Ditto, Dittoes, Mega-dittoes, right on right on right on, “what it is” and “word”.
    I try to avoid the “Like” button as much as possible after having once received a handful of “Likes” on what was a very dark, disturbing post I had loaded late in the middle of a torturous, sleepless night.
    I mean, WTF people? Did you “Like” that the last of our family’s four-legged friends might not make it through the night? Or was it that for the first time in twenty-eight years my wife and I would not have a hound around to love us and care for us and minister to us? Did the part that appealed to you have something to do with our previous two suffering extended bouts with cancer?
    Most of what I share around here is intended to make a reader think a bit. Maybe a bit more than that. Hopefully to consider and contemplate. If I’ve accomplished what I set out to do, I might even get a side-saddle ice cream cone.
    Or is that supposed to be a heart?
    Rather than a dozen of those well-considered replies, I’d rather get a heartfelt “blow it out your ass, hippie scum” and a modicum of explanatory gibberish.
    I just recently stumbled across your blog and from my initial forays through your wit and wisdom and insight I can see there’s much worth reading and thinking about. You opened a door, inviting me in. I’d love to stay a while and chat.
    Naaaaaaaah… I have too many important things to do other than chat.
    I’d love to talk about things.
    But I feel your frustration, bro’.
    As much as I enjoy the sound of my own typing, that’s not the reason I’m here.
    Ain’t looking for “Likes”, not worried about the quantity of “followers” but the quality.
    Sooooooooo …
    I guess.

    • Heeee Haaaw! I’ll take the dozen well considered replies… LOL! Thank you for the extravagant like. Glad for the positive side of it… Funny though. I was so sure the quantity was directly connected to the quality. Are you on a horse? Your demeanor sounds like you’re going somewhere western :O)

  2. A little constructive criticism, if I may…
    Many of us do not write for an audience. Many of us don’t consider ourselves to be great writers but use our blogs as practice to get that way. Many of us don’t expect our writing to reach anyone other than our friends or family, but leave them public on the off chance what we say interests someone.
    You may write for an audience. Your content may be far superior to the rest.
    But what do you care if the rest of us aren’t as eloquent in our comments as you are in your posts? Do you write for comments? Even if you are inundated by the same comments over and over, try taking some satisfaction in knowing your material is being viewed and enjoyed. There are a lot of blogs here, if someone took the time out of their day to read and comment on yours, they are telling you more than whatever their comment says. Just my opinion.

    • Well Renofailure;
      There’s no such an animal criticism being constructive. You have friends and family? How fortunate for you? They aren’t always. My family was taken away from me by Jehovah’s Witnesses for some lie my wife made up about me. I haven’t seen my 3 children in 30 years and never will!

      Do I write for comments? You should be asking who doesn’t. Why do Authors of books get money and sign their books for long line ups? Could it be acknowledgement for their accomplishments? How else am I suppose to know of what you think of what I write? How else am I to choose between what topics you find of particular interest and why? This isn’t a shooting gallery! I’m passionate about what I write and am hoping for some positive feedback. And how do I know they read? I said they ‘don’t comment’! Remember? Just your opinion huh? Looks more like I struck a nerve… Your kind of altitude I don’t need. Like I mentioned in the article, I’m not just speaking for myself but for many others who feel exactly the same way: ‘Used and ignored!’

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