Boo Bees!

I Admire You for Your Mind!


That’s what most men say while they’re focusing in on your Boo Bees, with a good pair of Pinocchio’s!  I’m sorry!  I meant to say: ‘Binoculars!’  We get to check out melons in stores!  I mean, why can’t we check out your holsters?  Isn’t it customary to sapple the merchant-dice first?  Did I say: ‘Sapple?’  LOL!  It’s true!  Whenever I see someone drinking a Snapple, I always right away think of a woman saying: ‘Snapple me!.’  What a come on that wood bee!  ‘Want some popcorn?’ would do just fine…  Why don’t you just say: ‘I’ll have a Snapple and a Nipple ta go?’

What are training bras for?  Do you get a passing grade when you master one?  Is there some sort of: ‘Bra Academy’ you attend, with some kind of: ‘boo bee’ obstacle course?  Not to mention, (but I will) are you aware, when you’ve got a ‘Big Bust’, it also means being arrested for trafficking?  That should tell ya something right there!  I mean, what are men supposed to do with horn blats the size of Buick’s looking down at them?  Whistle and look up at the sky?  We’d do better to sit under them for shade from the sun, and sip on a Martini: a man’s substitute for nerve gas!  Hehehehe…

A Useful Weapon for The Military!

Send five women to rip open their blouses (shouldn’t the plural be ‘blice?’) in front of the Putin, then the rest of us could just sneak around the entire army, and capture Moscow!  Offer just one ‘hoopin-floppin’ to a German Commander, and no tank would move for weeks!  But I AM sure, all their turrets would point to Mecca…  <SHABOOM!>

What is it about this mammon that drives men so brazier?  I’m sorry!  I meant to say: ‘bizarre!’  Ever see a Woman’s Lipper offering any more than fried eggs?  Do any men believe in Woman’s Lip?  And just how would the enemy get his: ‘walkie talkie’ back?  ‘You can’t have it!  I’m waiting on an important call from: ‘Meaningful Beauty!’  Or just play that psychological Beatle song off loud speakers shaped like memories: ‘I Wanna Hold Your Gland!’  I’m sorry!  I meant to say: ‘Mammary’s!’ :O(

Building a Better Holster…

There’d be no such a word as: ‘Cleavage’ if ‘Cleavage to Beaver’ didn’t exist!  What we need is a schematic for glass bras to bring women into the modern age of: ‘The Drooling Class!’  Somewhat like ‘The Ruling Class’, only with much more room to move up!  Women are aloud to show off their cream dispensers in Canada, and never take advantage of that.  ‘At the sound of the shot, my Undertaker will get right back to you!’  

I say make a bra that just covers the bulls eyes, and Honky’s from here to Nebraska will be crashing into one another. and Global Warming will take on a whole new meaning!  What about a bra that pops them out with the push of a button? Traffic lights to see your way through the forest?  There’s all kinds of ideas if we just put our hinds to it…  I’m sorry!  I meant to say: ‘minds!’  Shirley Crow-Mag-Non has advanced enough to play pocket billiards…  I’m sorry!  I meant to say: ‘Surely!’ :O(


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