Playing with Fractals

Sine Surface_1

Fractals aren’t what they used to be.  I imagined the old, ‘Mandelbrot’ images of spiraling flower shapes of long ago.  They were very colorful, but boring because no matter how far you’s submerge into the Mandelbrot matrix, everything looked basically the same.  So I was given to wonder how and if things had changed from 20 years ago?  I was not disappointed!

I will show you now, not only where to get a free generator for making all different kinds of fractals, but where to get a mirror filter for any CS virgin of Photoshop that will produce beautiful spiral renditions of the results.  The fractal program is called ‘ChaosPro’ and is the best one you can get for free…  I did check the others out…  Here is the address for that:

Not only can you get resolution specific fractals for printing, but you can make them any size you want.  Though I’ll warn you in advance, high precision fractals take a long time to render, even using a lot of ram!  I have 8 gigs of ram and a 1024 x 768, high resolution picture takes about 20 minutes.  That’s why, to save you the time, I have provided a Gallery having done all the work for you.  If you want a big one to frame however, you’ll have to get the program.  It has a ‘custom’ size box for bigger renditions.  Also, you can zoom in to any portion of the image, making an already versatile program even more so!  Here are just a few examples of what you can do…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You can use any of these any way you’d like…  It’s much more fun to go get the filter though because you can use it on any idea you can come up with…  Here’s where you may retrieve that:

Choose the filter: ‘Kaleidoscope 2.1’…  To add the filters, unzip them to the ‘Filters’ folder under ‘Plugins’, where Photoshop is situated on your drive. The filter will be in the: ‘Mehdi’ fly-out, under your ‘Filters’ menu.  There were a few other filters I found useful from that page.  They are: Julia-world, Gradient-smithy, Melt, Sorting Tiles, Wavy Lab and Weaver.  Follow the same procedure to use those.  I don’t have to unzip them on my computer.  I can just drop them in the appropriate spot from the folder they come in.  Have fun!  They’re a real hoot!

Foot Note (with extra toes):  To save a file at its original size, just pause the slide-show at the file you like, right click it and choose: ‘save as’ from the context menu.  I guess I should have saved the Gallery as a media file instead of an attachment page, so you could view them at their original size.  More mind blowing that way.  Oh well…  You still get the picture :O)


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