I just don’t have the time

There are all kinds of excuses we can come up with why not to stick with something:  most especially if it takes hard work. And there’s no doubt in my mind that running is hard work!  Sometimes I’ll come home all exhausted, then lift my weights, do my push-ups, take my bath, drink my chlorophyll, and go to bed for an hour just to recoup myself… 

And I sometimes find myself asking: ‘Why do I do it?’  I know it’s to stay thin, young and healthy.  Yet I had some misconceptions about what that would mean for me.  I thought the added discipline would help me to resist eating the wrong foods, but found out instead, where I was strong in one way, I was weak in another!  Carmel Pecan Yogurt Ice-cream became too much of a temptation for me, and I began to put the pounds right back on!  How disheartening?

How to trick your mind

I could see I was beginning to revert to my old ways, skipping running days, just so I could have some more Carmel Pecan Yogurt ice-cream, and go back to sleep!  I new this was very serious, and discovered although running greatly improved my health and sense of well being, instead of giving me more energy like I thought it would do, it just made me tired.  And instead of sticking with apples, ice-cream was what I really craved!  I was in deep doo doo and I knew it!

So I turned to a little thing I like to call: ‘The powers of persuasion’.  Oh yes!  You can rationalize why you ‘will’ do something, under the same premise and reasoning behind why you ‘won’t’…  So I reasoned: do I really want to be on one of those fad diet pills like Lypozine?  (If you don’t know how to spell a word, how can you look it up in the dictionary?) Anyway, any word that begins with the prefix: ‘Lypo’ should have the word ‘suction’ following it!  And we all know that can kill you!  

Yes you’ll loose fat, just as they claim…  But your heart and lungs will remain weak.  And you can forget about improved circulation, a better immune system, oxygen to the brain etc..  Batteries not included!  And they’re talking subcutaneous fat which lies just under the skin, and not viscus fat that surrounds your organs and does all the real damage.  See?  What appears to be so on the surface isn’t necessarily true.  A convincing argument does not make a thing a fact!

And then I asked myself: Is this not what I always do?  I stay with something difficult to keep up with for a while, and then find all kinds of reasons why I don’t want to do it!  Isn’t that why my life has failed in so many ways?  And what would others think who look up to me?  What kind of example would I be setting for them?  And no doubt, though a pleasant way to go,  I would die a lot sooner than expected.  So having finally scared the living daylights out of myself, I got back into my routine promptly, and kissed the yogurt ice-cream goodbye…  And that friends, is how to trick your mind.


Here is a picture of a world globe that my best friend Romeo, alias: Bone Head, alias: Chrome Dome gave me for my birthday last June 26th.  He gave me the clowns too…  I suppose that’s me and Leslie.  Hehehehehehe…  Notice how I took all the clutter off the end table and polished it all up for the picture.  Actually, a crustacean lives there, and I was invading his territory at the time!


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