Wake up

What Love Has Done For Me

We live in a world of: ‘I ME ME Mine!’ my friend: Survival of the fittest. The adage stands now more vital than it ever has before: ‘God helps those who help themselves’… All well and fine with the broken leg and stuff. Still, if your legs broke, it sucks! Ask people in wheel chairs all their life how ‘loved’ they feel at a baseball game. There are less fortunate among us. That’s just the way the world is. No poem, no matter how sweet, is ever going to change that.

And God who preaches: ‘Thou shalt not kill’ whipped out the entire human race once, in favor of viruses, scorpions, snakes, and spiders… Seems to me, we worship a:  ‘Do as I say, and not as I do’ kind of God. The poor and the destitute, seldom have a victory, if ever!  Sometimes I believe The Bible is just some stupid notion whipped up for the rich to slap the poor around with.  If a star moves in the sky, and then hovers over a place, directing wise-men, to me, it’s a flying saucer!

But no!  We get all this poop about a loving God nobody can prove exists who apparently likes suffering, poverty, illness, death, crime, ignorance, stupidity and greed, because those are the things that this world promotes, and no God ever intervenes!  Why do you think we’re so interested in getting off this rock altogether then?  It’s because the thought that we suffer this CRAP alone is unbearable to us.  And mistakenly, we believe we can start someplace else, with the same faults and excuses and make things different…  I don’t fall for that bunk anymore!  As for Christ?  They killed him!  Open your mouth, and they’ll kill you too!  Go ahead and be a Marter…  In the scheme of things, it doesn’t even matter!  Merry Stinking Christmas, and a flappy new Queer!


One thought on “Wake up

  1. your absolutley right. if you start talking about ways to peace and fairness in the world they snuff you out like they did to john lennon ghandi, jesus, jfk, and others. God and his promises are all i trust anymore.

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