Anticipating Joyous Faces


Some people say that Christmas is really for the children.  I just so happen to agree to disagree.  I really think it’s for everyone.  To me, it encapsulates the spirit of giving:  a time when we should forget about all our personal grievances and troubles with and about the world in general.  It’s a time to anticipate joyous faces as they tear apart carefully wrapped wonders within.  It does my heart such happiness and warmth to see people all gathered together in such warmth and love for one another.  It almost brings a tear to my eye:  especially, little, baby Austin who’s just about 8 months old!  He and his parents will be stirring soon, and I just can’t wait!  I’ve already had my breakfast and am just making breakfast for Leslie.  I have Christmas music playing over the TV, and all the lights in the house are on.  Leslie really makes it something special. She especially goes all out for everyone, so I treat here with special care so her day will run smoothly :O)

It wasn’t always this way for me…  I used to believe Christmas to be too commercialized and more like a business deal. You know?  You give me something and I give you something, and everyone comes out even, so nobody is really giving anybody anything…  The only ones with smiles on, are the greedy store owners.  Yet, if you really think on it, that’s not really what it’s all about at all.  More a time for us all to share our hearts, and perhaps our own little way to say: ‘I know what you go through, and this is my way of saying I appreciate every single thing you do for others, all throughout the year!

I work very hard perfecting all the pictures I took, so I don’t suppose you’ll really see them until sometime in January.  LOL! That’s just the way it goes.  I’m not going to present you with sloppy work.  That’s just how important you all are to me!  So give it your best to put a smile on today of all days…  Others are watching!   Besides, it won’t kill you to just this once give fully of your heart to everyone.  Here’s wishing you are all able to anticipate joyous faces!  Have a very merry Christmas! Love and happiness to you all :O)


8 thoughts on “Anticipating Joyous Faces

  1. hey darrell i gave clayton a new acustic guitar today he hates it he wants electric he trew his gifts against the wall screamed at me then left and went home without anything. so i have a guitar for sale $175 if you know someone looking for a nice beaver creek acustic guitar. thanks merry xmas im not even gonna make a dinner he ruined my whole day and hurt me very deeply. come over if you want to see the guitar its in the box and everything thanks

    • Oh loved one! I’m so sorry he did this to you! I wish I could just wipe your tears away: you really do have a terrible time of things. It just doesn’t seem fair somehow that all this should be happening to you. I am very sad for you. I’ll come over to bring you some turkey… You probably don’t even want to look at it. My poor, poor girl… I’m sure if you take the guitar back and explain what happened, they’ll give you your money back. I know The Conner’s, and they’re a very upstanding and compassionate family!

      Unfortunately, I bought the very same guitar for Leslie about six months ago when they had a midnight madness sale and picked it up for $99. It has a tuner with it. Right? Leslie never plays it. But I let her keep it in hopes that one day, I can encourage her enough to pick it up. She says it’s because her arm is still soar from the accident. Lousy timing huh? Or I would have bought it for sure. Chin up! They’ll take it back. I know they will. If they have any reservations, ask them to call me, and I’ll vouch for you.

  2. my daughter didnt come for xmas either cuz i couldnt give her 40 dollars on command i spent a fortune on them for nothing and nobody ate any food but me and chris. im having a nervous breakdown again. i found out madman has my phone number by being sneeky. i would give you my number but not on here and you dont have private messaging. the madman got 400 dollars worth of traffic tickets the other day but of course he cried to mommy and she paid it like everything else he screams for he gets it. how was your hoilday? i was going to have new years eve here too but not now. everyone around here wants me dead and it looks like they’re winning. my asshole neighbor is harrassing us with his gargole troll girlfriend too. the 4 horsemen are on their way i do believe. its the end of days darrell. hope to see you on the other side of paradise buddy

    • I’m sorry I didn’t get to this sooner sweetie but I’ve had a rough time of it too. I’ll write a post about it and let the world know what’s so wrong with everyone! LOL! You know? Us nuts think it’s everyone else that’s nuts… Well? They are!

      And you are right. This is biblically refereed to as: ‘The Great Tribulation’ and says that we may come out of it OK if we can steer clear of the monsters… That’s not possible for us though. You and me both I mean. This, we do have in common. I’ll try and bring you some cash as soon as this season wanes and I see what pittance I have left. I’ve been hoarding my pennies…

      Try not to look at the unjust crap that overflows during this evil way of things Hun. It will only be hurtful to you. It’s very important that you discipline your mind to control what you allow to occupy it, because much of what’s ‘out there’ is designed to drive you squirrelly! I know it’s much easier said than done, but it is possible to look at it all from afar: as if a distant onlooker, safe and untouchable. Believe me! You’ll find relief in that: ‘Take up the large shield of faith that you may thwart off all of Satan’s burning missiles!’ Be strong Hun and take control rather than allowing it to control you. OK?

  3. no there was no tuner with it thanks for the message. i dont eat meat but thanks for the thought. its ok now ive calmed down and got over it. cant please everyone i guess. i hope you have a great new year. connors doesnt give money back just exchanges so i will sell it to someone eventually im not too worried about it . peace and happiness for now

    • I told you I’d vouch for you. You have exterminating circumcisions! Well, if you don’t want to try, it’s your decision. Put a free add in The Advocate. It’s right here on the corner. I’m glad you said you’re doing well to calm me down. Thanks… How did sneaky get your number BTW if not through Clayton? Never mind. Nut-bar is easily discouraged anyway. Thanks too for the BS peace and happiness.

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