Relentlessly Yours

How can I be in love within the call;

When all I want to do is die?

How can I stand so high above it all;

When I stall and keep falling from the sky?


On all on whom I’m leaning on, are tactlessly afraid;

Of all the meant for hopelessness, of a blackened crying soul!

Like some song bird’s plight he’s never yet played!

I think of love and see in this, a frighteningly endless hole;


I think and I see in endless curves;

So why is it all made up of lines?

Like our infrastructure of cells and nerves;

That keep contradicting oaks and pines!


I know there has got to be a better life;

Awash on distant shores.

And in spite of all my pain and strife;

Relentlessly, I’m yours!



2 thoughts on “Relentlessly Yours

  1. this poem lets the reader feel your pain and heartache awsome darrell. deeply troubling for you in the heart/ i wish you the kind of love that is bright cheerful fullfilling and exciting you are a good man buddy

    • I don’t have the words to express what a kind friend you’ve been to me. Words would only spoil that enchantment. So Suffice it to know, what one keeps so close to their heart can never be done justice by a mere turn of phrase… ‘All the best for you and your own’, is the best I can come up with. xOx

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