Food for Thought


Alternative to Juicing

Truth be known, I don’t find it necessary to juice all the time: only when I’m running low on energy or need to stock up on fiber to add to soups.  A pleasant alternative is to just steam up some veggies.

Contrary to popular belief, you’re much more merciful on your stomach to stagger small meals throughout the day: 5 or 6, than to gorge yourself on three large ones.  This in turn extends the useful life of your stomach and encourages appetite.

I’ll sometimes drop a whole bag of spinach into my steamer, which, let’s face it, dwindles down to two servings.  With a little Becel half fat margarine and a pinch of sea salt, and drool drool, Mmmm Mmmm!

Also try a hearty helping of two super veggies, broccoli and cauliflower.  I really find no need to peel back the broccoli stalks.  They steam up nice and tender anyway.  Steam for about 12 minutes… Then top it off with an apple.  There’s your meal.  No fuss.  No mess!   Happy happy…


7 thoughts on “Food for Thought

  1. If I eat a large meal, I am in trouble. I feel terrible and have stomach issues. I, too, eat about 4/5 small serving per day. I feel much better and never really feel hungry at all!

    • Hi K;

      I was wondering if I might hear from you. So glad that I did! You are confirmation that my tips to people really work. That’s a big deal for me! Thank you again for commenting on this vital subject matter! Hope to hear from you again soon…

  2. i think my health would benefit from breast milk for healing and real nutrition gods real milk for pppl 🙂 i shoulda kept milking when i had the chance sad now its too late

    • Cauliflower is a big,white,bumpy ball that looks like a mushroom cloud or cloud of mashed potatoes, and broccoli looks like tiny trees from a 1000 feet up and have green stems. Broccoli is a super vegetable. And you don’t have any there? That’s sad :O(

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