You’re Gonna Love This


About Me

You’re gonna love this!  I always try to give you the best that I can give.  Sometimes though, the best is given to me.  The information given to me was from a faceless person who showed up in answer to the post: ‘Do schools kill creatively’ in my ‘ideas’ category.  You might wanna give a boo there at all the fine comments from warm and giving faceless people.

There’s far more to this site than meets the eye!  It will help bring visitors to your blog if you set it up well.  It’s very user friendly, so that should be easy to do.  Just Google search: ‘about me’ and you should easily find your way there. When you’ve got yourself all set up, choose: ‘add apps’ at the very bottom of your page.  Click on it.  Then fill in your blog site URL in the dialog box it gives you, and a WordPress icon will appear beside it that leads people straight to your blog.  You’ll have to work on ‘collections’  there which you can create yourself, if you are adding someone’s page to it right away.  Else wise it won’t work.  I found that out…  

Under your name up top, you will find a choice called: ‘Edit Page’  There you will find a variety of tabs.  Choose the biography tab to say something about yourself, pictured in white on the image above.  The next tab over has three sections with a kind of fill in the blanks parts.  These are important because everything you put in there will be clickable and leads to pages from that topic that people occupy.  Only put in from the pop up list that will complete your entry as you start to write it in.

Typing in: ‘London’ for instance, will bring up a pop up list that has the selection: ‘London England UK’ there.  Choose it, and it will appear in your list, with the green writing in the image above, with sites from all people in London that belong to ‘about me’ to choose from.  The important thing to remember, is to always choose: ‘edit’ from the side of each category before you make your entries, or it won’t take.  Hit the ‘enter’ key after each one. Explore the other tabs at your convenience, to change the color of your font for instance.  You will literally be revamping my page to make your own!  You can create your own login or use your Facebook login and a couple of others… 

Free Sample


Once you have added the page to a collection, you must click on it to go to their site.  This page for U.S. citizens is just the place to go to to help you pick out the right University for the career minded among you.  It’s all simple enough to understand it once you explore your options…



This is just a beautiful picture of Earth from space!  If you don’t already have it, Stumbleupon is a unique web app that takes you to random pages concerning topics that you’re interested in.  It’s a fast way to surf the Net for what you want.  Once again, you may log in using your facebook account.  I always use the: ‘sRGB’ color space for web site pictures, and usually use medium for picture size, saving space for more…  My sincerest anticipation that you will find this all of worthwhile use to you.  I told you you’re gonna love this!  Cheers!


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