Who Cares?



12 thoughts on “Who Cares?

    • What do I do with all this love? Love it? Yes… Sir Depp is a special kind of person. He a tad on the gay side, yet this should never stop ‘anyone’ for loving someone for who they are regardless of what particular disease they spread. Now we have to learn to love Ebola. No gay factor involved. Yes? The Bible tells us that men/who lay with men have been given up to unnatural purposes. Alright then. God has already punished them. And you’re going to punish them again? That’s not right! The penalty for all sin is death. The only sin God will NOT forgive is you rejecting Him, as my loving new ‘friend’ so aptly points out here! Amy… To use your own word, you ‘rock!’ So anyone still prejudiced against gays reading this? You can let go of that hatred now…

      • AMEN! Who am I to judge? No one! And I will not! As One who was very wise said …. “Let he without sin cast the first stone.” Nope, not me. Have a great weekend, my friend. Love, Amy

    • I find if something isn’t broke, I don’t need to fix it. I appreciate the suggestion as well as your enthusiasm. It’s just that now’s not the time. Until my new operating system completely stabilizes, I’d best leave well enough alone for now…

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