Don’t Waste My Time

Go Away!

If you haven’t got the stomach to hear the truth, then leave!  Just go away!  I sit here giving you truth and wonder if it’s because I was once a Yo Ho that you hate to hear it from me or something?  You and your little world full of pain,poverty,bad air, bad water bad mouths, rotten diets, lazy dispositions, see without eyes, loving without trust or compassion, smacking your kids around, telling them to SHUT UP, just because they laugh in the back seat of your cars…  Yeah…  I know all about you and your lying nonjudgmental poop!  I’ve already tasted what you have to offer a long time ago.  It’s no news to me.  You love your things, not each other.  I”ve had it with you!  All you ever do is make me feel bad about myself!  The ‘Go Away’ part is directed at me!  I’m leaving you!  You’re not worth the spiral top you came from!  Enjoy your apathy. They’re coming to put you all out of your misery!  LOOSERS!  Goodbye you big group of nobodies…  I hope you die young!!!


21 thoughts on “Don’t Waste My Time

  1. wow who is volatile today? darrell are you ok buddy? did you take your meds and pqq today? mabey you should take a lovley calming walk my friend i hate to see you so angry and upset wishing death upon young ppl its not you its something else bothering you. see how it feels better to vent? thats what i do i vent im not volatile i just cant tolerate bullshit especially from men. I hope you feel better my dear friend i worry about you a lot esepcially since you have decreased your meds brother please fell better soon hugs to you

    • Yes! I enjoyed it. Go ahead and vent here anytime you like Mingtea! So glad you changed your handle :O) Silence is more painful than BS because at least with BS, I can defend myself. I went back on my full dose of Clanazopam; half a milligram when I wake up and 1 milligram before I sleep. I had lessoned it to taking only a half before I sleep. Therefore, I didn’t sleep. It finally caught up with me. I’m back on my regular dose now, and suppose I will have to be on it for the rest of my life, side effects and all. Thank you for your concern and amazing support! A friend in need, is in deed! (dangling paragragh punisher)…

  2. are you ok darrell? im worried about you. peace and hugs and stuff i hope you are ok now. i understand how depression can hit us in the face like a fastball to the nose and wipe us off the map for a while. i havent been feeling well at all and i blame the recent full moon for some of the increased anxiety, frustration, depression into blackness. im not at all well my heart isnt beating on rythum and i always feel isolated, unwanted, unimportant, in the way, uneasy, painful ,sweaty,squirmy, aggravation that gets underneath your skin right to the bone marrow. i am sick of being sick and although we seem to be coping day to day, each very second is actally white knukcle life or death grip to hang in there for just this day jjust make it through today its a daily battle for me too and sometimes the depression demon cold cocks us right on the chin no matter where we are at or what we are doing. jumps up and attacks us like a mugger in the darkness. im praying for gods divine help to heal us and remove this demon of depression and anguish off our bodies. please say a prayer for me too i know he hears all of them. take care darrell all will be well my friend. 🙂

    • Depression must be the most awful thing there is! It doesn’t kill you. Oh no! That would be too merciful! Instead it tortures you all your live long days… I just wish people could see that it is they that have made us the way we are. So I see the world as the ugly place that it is. Gold and riches would just look ugly to me too. LOL! No escaping depression. You explain what it does to us admirably. You’ve moved up from a kernel of corn to an admirable! I so love the fact that at least you speak to me! I’ve really got everyone in you… Just a little schizophrenic joke. I do mean that though! You have: ‘A Beautiful Mind’. I have prayed and think I’ve come up with an answer that can repair my hurt and give my audience what they want as well! A win win situation for both of us. I will post answers to my own questions. Yes, I will take to myself. I know it sounds screwy all right: on the surface. Yet like a mirror back on myself, it may just be the key to understanding them better. I’m always working on that, but this is my best idea ever. If I’m here for myself, I won’t feel lonely. And dearest, the best part is I always have you!

    • I release, but I don’t forget. I look for solutions to my problems. This is a good balance for me. Cooling off only makes me ponder from a clearer perspective after I vent. Everyone should let off a little steam sometimes. OK. In my case, a pressure cooker. LOL! Dear friend you are! You’ve stuck with me throughout this. And I appreciate your wisdom and loving heart immensely. I can never guarantee I won’t vent again. Let’s just hope it’s not at my audience, which is kind of like biting off my nose to spite my face. I know! And I do apologize. I leave this up as a reminder that no one is perfect. And in my case, not by a long shot :O(

  3. anger is a self protection mechinisum to protect our selves from something so emotionally painful that we would break down and be deeply hurt and cry in heartach and anguish otherwise. anger is just emotional injury inside out

    • A very astute observation! And put in clearly defined terms… You should be a Psychologist! You are truly a band-aid for my boo boo. ‘I am stuck on band-aid! And band-aid’s stuck on me!’ Thanks Missy, for everything! Such a great friendship! xOx

  4. hope you have a great evening my friend. im getting ready for saturday here it will be my sons 25th birthday im making 2 pizzas, banana cake with cream cheese frosting and a ceaser salad cant wait to eat on saturday and see my baby boy have a good day and a good meal. his sister is coming up with her boyfriend on saturday too so i will have all my babies in one place at the same time. that makes me happier than anything. say hello to everyone for me and pet the kitty too.

    • Sounds wonderbar mingtea! It’s a family thing, so I do understand why you didn’t invite me. (Sob)… I’ll be fine. I’ll just slither into a corner with the lights out and cut myself. Don’t feel guilty. (Yes! Feel very, very guilty)… LOL!

      Listen loved one. Don’t let any verbal slip ruin your time. Just shrug it off. OK? I’m sure everything will go just fine… Good grief! Now you’ve got me nervous! Is it the best cream cheese? Did you avoid rotten bananas< And salad and pizza! Drool drool! Oh loved one? Have the time of your life!!! OK? Wish him a very merry Birthday date from me will you? I'm filled with Joy for you!

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