Infinite Expansion

Let’s Split

When I put my shoes on every morning of my run, my sneakers squeak louder than the cat’s meow!  I thought they were called sneakers for a reason…  proving once again, that backward thinking is the norm.  I sit here between two adjacent mirrors.  Once, in an attempt to capture infinity in motion, I bounced a tennis ball here.  Instead, I stuttered for a month!  I wonder if a pair of void schizophrenics sat here, if they wouldn’t turn into a multitude?  I promise on day I’ll capture an image of me going on and on and on and on…  That’s my warm up for the day.  Hope it gave you a chuckle!




The  ‘m’ stands for ‘mother’… Mitochondrial DNA is not mixed.  It is passed on by the mother only!  Might I con Dria?  Read the caption if you don’t believe me.  Since my voracity is called into question by those of little faith, unable to move mole hills, let alone mountains, I must pee on my tree and defend my territory.  Here you will find the latest ‘honest’ research on the advantages of consuming PQQ and co-Q-10 in tandem: 

BTW, the old tea bag who discovered this, lived to be 103!  Me?  This just helps me survive until something better comes along I figure.  New developments are popping up all the time!  They need your help though, or small minds will crush it!  I will share two of them here with you now.




Notice at the end ‘substrate level’, Resveratrol  ( have to teach my own dictonary how to spell) only comprises one quarter of the entire substrate.  And there are not 1 but 7 Sirt proteins that play a role in life extension!  In point of fact, mega doses of resveratrol only impedes the results of exercise.  Where as PQQ quickly dispaches of oxygen ‘free radicals’ created by exercise and illuminates them!  Look carefully in the ‘complex formation’ section, and you’ll find LSD in there!  LOL!  So for a comfortable dose of Resveratrol, just eat red grapes…  Below, is a link to current research on that.  This is the one that caused mice equivalent to 90 year old human age, on the brink of death, to become active again and reversed to the equivelent to that of a 45 year old human!  Contrary to popular belief, we descend from rodents: mice in particular.  That’s why Scientists use them for research…  (silly dangling paragraph)…


Wrapping you up in love



I don’t convey the truth at all times, to belittle or criticize you in any fashion.  ‘More or less’ intellectuals are just that.  They ration out information in a more or less fashion in attempts to circumvent their own arrogance.  Watch or rent: ‘The Owl and The Pussy Cat’ staring George Seagull and Barbara Streisand: my two favorite old time actors, out standing in their field, next to Doug Mc.Clur and Clitoris Leachman.  How did they get there?  Freaking persistence that’s how!  I know you’ve probably seen the movie.  But did you learn anything or just enjoy the giggles?  Do you really know what you know?  

Look!  ‘that that is is that that is not is not is that not it is…’  Punctuate that for me will you?  If any of you say the movie ‘Charley’ yet did not read the book:  Flowers for Algernon – By Danial Keys, you’re missing something!

Back in 1972 I was a youthful, lively, invigorated 20 years of age.  In the spring of that year, when people emerge from their dungeons with their masks off for a brief period, hoping Spring will somehow rub off on them, on the Ferry to Toronto Island, or Wards Island specifically, to visit a friend who lived there, a rather large crowd had gathered on deck, so I excused my way through the thongs to see what was up, and what all the laughter was all about.

And there in the center, surrounded, was a tired, old, ragged, dirty, unshaven, street person, who was probably given the fair by a kind soul, holding a bag of popcorn.  What a joke apparently!  As their laughter grew, so did my outrage at this pathetic display of hard-heartedness!  So I entered the empty space that separated him from so called people, smiled warmly at him, so he would know I had a plan and wasn’t just being rude, I reached into his bag, took out a handful of popcorn, and began munching on it beside him, facing the crowd!  The laughter fell dead, and the crowd dispersed.  The old gentle man and myself had a pleasant and enlightening conversation there-after.  BTW, I caught no disease from him.

So how do we change opinions?  Not by whinning, begging, spiffy posts, con jobs or theft.  Rather by setting the example for others; by lighting their path along the way. by expressing your own opinion rather than following that of others.  We are not here, to get pats on the back or gain enough praise to be noticed by the wicked.  So I leave you with a simple prayer you know only too well: ‘God grant me the serenity to change the things I can, accept the things I cannot, and the wisdom to know the difference!’  Perhaps now you see, it’s not just life itself we need to extend, rather, the quality with which we live it…  Infinite Expansion or seclusion in the grave.  It’s up to you.  It’s ALL up to you!


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