Accidental Discoveries

Adrenaline Rush

1.  It sure puts Speed Freaks to shame, I can tell you that!  I got very angry at Leslie today.  When this happens, I turn her own arguments upon herself, and this is very hurtful to her.  Although, she has a wonderful mechanism called tears!  Most men have a hard time to cry.  It’s not a lack of emotion responsible.  It’s this craving we have for the adrenaline rush.  Over an extended period of time though, it taxes your heart and will lead you into serious problems: death being a very likely one, when carried on for days!  The body simply has no choice but to shut down when as life giving thing as important as your organs shut down.  When one goes, the rest follow suit.  In point of fact, I believe a man’s inability to shed tears is what contributes largely to his early demise.


Wait just a moment though!  Your heart rate quickens, your breathing speeds up, you burn calories, is this not really a form of exercise, without exercising?  No.  Like I said, we reach a point where we can no longer exercise, where the body tells you to slow down so we can cool down.  Even sweating is the bodies first attempt to cool us off.  So, while you’ve tried convincing yourself to calm down and persuade yourself it’s not so big a deal, your body is telling you otherwise.  The flight or fight response is triggered to resolve your problem, not keep it going.

So you keep your wrists under cold water in an attempt to slow down your heart and cool your core temperature, and this doesn’t work!  So you sit there still fuming taking jack-ass deep breaths, and that doesn’t work!  So you lay down flat on the floor and try to relax, and that doesn’t work!  Why?  It’s because the trouble isn’t in your body in general, it’s in your mind. So what you must do, is concentrate on something else.   Blogging is an excellent way to leave this rage behind!

We are like miniature stars throwing off heat and gases.  If we burn brighter and longer, our engine at the core will burn out faster.  This is one accidental discovery I made today:  Cold is bold!  Hot is not!

Roller Man


2.  How would you like to be this guy?  Unfortunately as backward thinking as we are, all the shots of him riding close to the ground, where all the action is for him, were all too tiny.  And the shots of him going nowhere, like some ridiculous Super Hero are what I must use to convey the thrill of the ride.  The detail of his suit is important, though a wheel has malfunctioned on his left outer knee.

Notice the wheels on his chest?  Well, he has them on his back as well.  Normally though, he travels fast low to the ground, without the wind resistance, and can achieve speeds as great as 126 mph!  This is faster than most cars are allowed to highway drive by law!  And with your eyes less than a foot off the highway, this looks very,very fast!  You get the adrenaline rush, via flight response where heartbeat can be regulated much more easily, when you’re in control of the situation.

He invented it himself, and is able to make turns, simply by shifting his butt in the direction he wants to go.  How much does one of these really cool Iron Man outfits cost?  $10,000!  A ridiculous figure, designed to attract people with large bank accounts: a dangerous proposition for people who have lost their sense of value: a resource your life respects…  However, build it and they will come!  A profitable accidental discovery I made today, for the engineer in you!

Artistic Flare


3.  I did NOT choose this image for its aesthetic value!  Rather to discuss how realism can spring from simplicity rather than complicated, puzzling eye candy.  Adobe Illustrator has a function in it where you can adjust the smoothness of the lines you make.  At first glance, we think, what a novel idea for us shaky handed old fuds!  And it does indeed have it’s place for free flowing expression on a tablet.  I use The Intuos 3,  9″ x 12″ to transfer work to my screen,  Whatever I draw or paint there, determines a lot about eye hand co-ordination on my monitor.  Trees, just a little closer than the bushes on the hill, look roughly the same size.  So I drew various lines speeding up my approach and slowing down.  When I slowed down, as I passed my pen, hills more resembled mountains.  So put your shakes to work this way, as this is one of the most difficult tasks for Artists to make look real, regarding drawing and painting of landscapes.  Thank you for your attention…

We have been taught in school, that straight lines are good lines.  Ummm…  That’s English class, not Art class, so the two arise a conflict of interest within us all.  In nature, nothing is smooth, save the man made, straight dirt road you see in the picture.  So Man?  Straight lines.  Nature?  Curved erratic lines.

What I discovered accidentally, while I was jotting down to important medicines that capitalize on anti-aging to research, My old, shaky hand was about to draw a line to separate it from something else in my note-book.  So knowing my hand was going to shake, I did not attempt to draw a straight line.  I decided, as long as they’re separated, who cares?  And depending on the speed at which your pen crosses the page, I just let’r rip and presto: perfect background rolling hills, subtle enough to be more convincing than if you tried to achieve the same thing slowly, with your nerves removed from the process.

So it’s not always the best idea to turn this nerve catching feature on in Illustrator.  Sometimes, reckless abandonment is really the order of the day!  Other things to notice in this simple picture, are that grass becomes more detailed in the foreground, and that sandy hills produce bushes, not trees. Try a few practice runs, and you’ll confirm my hypothesis.


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    • I shall! Answer me something will ya? I see a lot of UGGs here. Is this a cult, or a company or what? Any info. on that for me wood bee greatly appreciated. A lot of times, I try to go to different sights, just get a ‘Page not available’ message, and then forget where I left off when I get back, because my answers take me back to the beginning, so I have to read them all again to make sure I get to everyone…

    • That’s capital! Then you wouldn’t mind lending me $50,000 until I get my Welfare check? LOL! Thanks guys/dolls… Completely off topic. When are we going to bring an asteroid down to orbit the earth? It will stabilize it and greatly reduce the effects of global warming! Since you’re volunteers, I thought I’d ask you :O)

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